Finding new ways to get helpful products to people affected by dementia

Alzheimer’s Society is trying new ways to get helpful everyday products to people living with dementia.

Society staff have been using special local funding to supply people affected by dementia in two areas with free bundles of helpful everyday products. 

Worth up to £300, the products in the bundles are designed to help people live as well and as independently as possible. 

These can include reminder clocks, easy-to-use phones, games and activities to engage and entertain, and tableware to make eating and drinking easier. 

A total of 148 product bundles were delivered to people with a dementia diagnosis in Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf in southeast Wales. This was funded by Cwm Taf Morgannwg Regional Partnership Board. 

In North Staffordshire, 200 people have been supported in this way since 2022. The project is continuing with funding from Staffordshire Moorlands District council.

Anna Taylor and Liz Israel

Anna and Liz from projects in North Staffordshire and Cym Taf Morgannwyg.

Supporting you 

Midlands region Local Services Manager Louise Poole says, ‘Anyone living with dementia within the Staffordshire Moorlands area is eligible for the grant and it’s not means tested.’

There are three bundles of products available, which can be personalised depending on a person’s needs. 

‘Our local dementia advisers support service users to identify suitable products from our online shop which could improve their quality of life,’ says Louise. 

We provide support setting up and using the products where necessary.

Personalised product bundles

Anna Taylor, a Local Services Manager in Wales, says, ‘We saw the work our colleagues were doing in North Staffordshire and decided to use our funding to do the same. 

‘We worked with dementia advisers to tailor each bundle. This meant people were getting products that were actually useful. This also saved resources for us, so we could help more people.’ 

Anna adds, ‘Even though our funding has finished now, it’s great that we have a project like this which could be replicated for other areas. 

‘It would be great if we could spread the word so more projects like this can happen in future. 

Something small like being able to make a cup of tea for yourself, can make a huge difference.

Making life easier 

Dementia adviser Liz Israel helped to deliver the project in Cwm Taf Morgannwg. She saw the real difference the bundles made to people living with dementia and carers. 

‘It was so lovely to have something to offer people for free to help them with everyday living,’ Liz says. ‘So many people benefited. 

One lady was having so many problems using her mobile phone. She can now phone people independently since I ordered her a Simplicity Clamshell phone. 

‘Another lady really loved the Precious Petzzz cats we ordered for her.’ 

Helping Mum 

Helen cares for her mum, who has dementia and lives in Bridgend. 

She says the product bundle they received included both practical items and products that help her mum’s concentration. 

Helen says, ‘I stay with Mum at her home five days a week, and then we travel to my home 60 miles away so I can balance caring and work. 

‘I heard about the product bundles while we were at a memory café

We had used some of the jigsaws and Aquapaints before and these products helped Mum with her focus and concentration. We picked these for our bundle as well as some snap cards. I find they help to keep her engaged. 

‘I also chose the clothes protector, which has been invaluable. I have since ordered two more from the Alzheimer’s Society shop!’

Family time 

Anita Hope in Pontypridd, in Rhondda Cynon Taf, cares for her husband Peter, who has dementia. 

The couple also received a product bundle, and some of the products have helped Peter to continue engaging with his family. 

Anita says, ‘We heard about the bundles at a dementia support group we went to. 

We picked a Precious Petzzz dog (Peter loves dogs), Aquapaints, jigsaws and an Easy-Pour kettle. We still use the products. Peter likes painting, so we get the Aquapaints out when the great-grandchildren come round.

Help in your area

  • Some products to help a person with dementia at home may be provided for free by the NHS and social services.
  • You don’t have to pay VAT on many specially designed products if you’re buying them for use by a person with dementia, or another long-term condition or disability.
  • If you’re not sure which products you need, ask your doctor about getting advice from an occupational therapist, chartered physiotherapist, district nurse or continence adviser.
  • You might be able to ‘try before you buy’ at disabled living centres and assisted living shops – often found on your local high street – to make sure a product is right for you.
  • Some products are available to loan for free, including wheelchairs and toilet aids from the British Red Cross, or mobility aids from the NHS.

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