Creative showcase for people living with dementia

We invited people with dementia to send us pictures of things that they’ve created – here’s what you sent us… 

We were blown away by the quality and range of creations that people with dementia shared with us – from stitching, jewellery making, dressmaking and felting to painting, carving and AI-generated art. 

Some have continued or rediscovered existing skills. Others have learned new ways to express themselves, whether because they wanted to try something new or had to stop something else. 

We hope this selection inspires you as much as it did us! 

Painting by Frances Isaacs

Painting by Frances Isaacs

Frances Isaacs in Powys:

This is my take on the London Underground map. If you live with dementia, you’ll know what I mean!

Stitching by Maxine Linnell

Stitching by Maxine Linnell

Maxine Linnell in Leicestershire:

Here’s one image of some stitching I did to try to show how my brain feels.

Carving and painting by George Rook

Wood carving and painting by George Rook

George Rook in Shropshire:

I learnt carving and whittling from scratch, but then I got arthritis in my thumb and it was far too painful to continue.

So I started going to a painting group and now I paint instead – you can still learn to do things, it isn’t the end!

Self-portrait by Willy Gilder

Self-portrait by Willy Gilder

Willy Gilder in Lothian, whose self-portrait just won a competition run by the Edinburgh Practice and Alzheimer Scotland:

The painting was done shortly after I was diagnosed, and was a bit confused about things.

Felting by Prudence Staveley-Taylor

Felting by Prudence Staveley-Taylor

Prudence Staveley-Taylor in Hertfordshire:

I like felting and making things, as it requires my attention and stops me thinking about all the difficulties I have.

AI-generated art by Pete Middleton

AI-generated art by Pete Middleton

Pete Middleton in Northamptonshire:

I enjoy creating images using an AI art generator – it does a lot for you, but you have to come up with the seed of an idea!

Dress and jewellery made by Jane Buckels

Dress and earrings made by Jane Buckels

Jane Buckels in Monmouthshire:

When I gave up the silverwork, I was a bit lost because I’ve always had a creative side.

So I went back to sewing – something that I hadn’t done for a while, but it was well ingrained.

You can also see Gerry King’s wonderful illustrations here.

Your turn 

Are you a person with dementia who creates things? Email pictures to [email protected] and we’ll see how we can help share them in future. 

Active and involved

Staying active and involved will help you to live well with dementia. Tips for keeping active include keeping things simple, reducing distractions and breaking tasks down into steps.

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Dementia together magazine is for all Alzheimer’s Society supporters and anyone affected by the condition.
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