Ideas for people with dementia to get out and about to enjoy nature

From the August/September 2016 issue of our magazine, read about how getting out of the house to enjoy nature and some gentle exercise can benefit most of us, including people with dementia.



Everyday tasks like posting a letter or picking up the newspaper, with help or independently, could provide opportunities for social contact as well as fresh air.

A walk around a garden or park may be good for a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Walking while talking might make some people breathless, and it helps to plan places to stop, sit and relax. If going to a park, have a contingency in case of bad weather – is there a suitable café or museum nearby?

Organised walks could be a way to meet new people while enjoying the outdoors. Find walks in your area at Walking for Health, Let's Walk Cymru or Walking in your Community.

For people who have grown their own food or flowers, being around nature could prompt enjoyable memories. Seeing and feeding birds or other animals can also be enriching, and keeping bird, animal or bug boxes and feeders stocked and clean may provide a focus for this.

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