General Election 2019: Let’s Demand Action on Dementia

Throughout the election period, Alzheimer’s Society will be working to make sure all political parties have the interests of people affected by dementia at the heart of their commitments. We think dementia needs to be a key issue during this election, and you can help us make it a top priority for the next Government.

For people like Karen, Paul and Hillary, action on dementia care is desperately needed and long overdue.

Watch their stories below, and find out how you can demand action from the next Government.

Dementia on the political agenda

We want dementia to be a talking point throughout the election, making sure that politicians are aware of the big challenges facing people affected by the condition. The next Government must take action to address these issues.

We know that making dementia an election issue can bring it to the top of the next Government’s priorities. The last general election was dominated by debate around care funding and the ‘dementia tax’.

It is so important that we keep up the pressure in this election to ensure that social care promises from all the political parties are turned into action that best benefits people affected by dementia. 

Will your candidate help Fix Dementia Care?

Download a Commitment Card with suggested questions to ask your candidates about dementia care.

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Our Election Manifesto, ‘Demanding Action on Dementia’

Our manifesto sets out the commitments we want to see all candidates make during this election. This includes recommendations for the next Government on how to deliver meaningful change for people affected by dementia. 

Dementia is the biggest health and social care issue facing the country. It needs to be on the agenda of every political party – during the election and over the course of the next Government. People with dementia have already waited too long for change. 

We are demanding action on dementia.

Our key recommendations:

  1. Radically reform social care to address the specific needs of people with dementia, ending the daily injustice they, and their families, face in accessing the good quality care to which they are entitled.
  2. Ensure that people with dementia can participate in their communities on the same basis as everyone else.
  3. Close the research funding gap between research and other disease areas to ensure new treatments and life changing care interventions are available to everyone living with dementia, as soon as possible. 

How you can help make dementia a key election issue

  • Ask for Answers: When candidates come knocking on your door this election period, ask them about their Party’s plans for dementia. The more of us who ask candidates about their commitment to improving the experiences of people living with dementia, the more likely they will be to send the message to their Party leadership. We have produced a Commitment Card with some key questions to ask your candidates if they knock on your door. You can also take these Commitment Cards to local events and hustings where your candidates are speaking.
  • Shout about it: Tell Twitter, Facebook and your friends that dementia is your General Election issue. Use the official hashtag #GE2019 and our campaign hashtag #FixDementiaCare to put dementia on the map.
  • Contact your candidates: Writing to, e-mailing and tweeting your candidates about the dementia care crisis and why it’s so important to you is a great way to ensure that dementia stays on the political agenda.
  • Become a campaigner: We will be asking campaigners to take action throughout the General Election campaign and once we have a new Government. Unite with us and become a campaigner.

We want to hear from you

We’d love to hear how you get on chatting to your candidates! If you do have a conversation with them about dementia, or use our Commitment Card, please do let us know by e-mailing our Campaigns team.

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