Dementia Action Plan for Wales

Successful Alzheimer's Society Cymru campaigning led to the publication of the Dementia Action Plan for Wales back in 2018. This year, a new Action Plan is being developed.

What is the Dementia Action plan for Wales 2018 - 2022?

The Action Plan set out a clear strategy for Wales to become a dementia-friendly nation that recognises the rights of people with dementia to feel valued and live as independently as possible in their communities.

It was supported by Welsh Government funding to Regional Partnership Boards (RPBs) to ensure that delivery was integrated across services, with national initiatives being led by Improvement Cymru.  

The Action Plan’s key themes included:  

  • Raising awareness and understanding of dementia, including within society and communities and amongst hospital and medical staff.  
  • Recognition and identification of dementia and those living with dementia as part of a preventative approach (including in primary care settings and frontline services).  
  • Enhancing assessment and diagnosis pathways as part of an improved diagnostic system. 
  • Supporting independent living in communities, including through the provision of person-centred care by creating multidisciplinary ‘teams around the individual’.  
  • Supporting those affected by dementia, including carers, in line with the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.  
  • Utilising research into dementia care.  

Alzheimer’s Society Cymru worked closely with Welsh Government and the Dementia Empowerment and Engagement Project (DEEP) to make sure people affected by dementia were able to influence the development of the Action Plan.

What needs to happen now?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Welsh Government created a ‘bridging document’ which supported the ongoing delivery of the plan beyond 2022. However, this was a temporary arrangement, and Ministers have committed to publishing a new Dementia Action Plan in 2024. 

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