New Deal on dementia in Northern Ireland

Learn about our campaign, inspiring change for the rights of people affected by dementia.

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Alzheimer’s Society is now starting out on its new five year strategy. 

It emboldens us to be an inspirer for change, through campaigning for the rights of people affected by dementia and pressing for communities which are socially inclusive of people affected by the condition.

Dementia is a serious, progressive medical condition for which as yet there is no cure.  It has a huge and changing impact on the person and on those close to them. 

Too often people with dementia and their families are left to cope with the effects of dementia alone and without the information, support and care they need. 

That is why we called our campaign: It’s all about rights:

  • a right to know about dementia and how it will affect you
  • a right to support that helps you live well for longer and that maintains quality of life as dementia develops
  • a right to make decisions about health, welfare and finance while you have capacity to do so
  • a right to be part of your community and to be as active and involved as you choose, along with family carers who often feel isolated in their caring role
  • a right to quality dementia care in all care settings including your own home
  • a right to information about reducing our risk of developing dementia and recognising symptoms so we seek medical help early.

Alzheimer’s Society is calling on all political parties and individual MLAs to press for restoration of the Assembly as a matter of urgency. 

  1. To put the rights of people affected by dementia on the Executive’s agenda and Programme for Government 
  2. To take action in their constituencies to reflect the rights of people affected by dementia
  3. To bring the rights of people with dementia into the heart of their work in the Assembly

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