Coronavirus: Ways to support people affected by dementia

Find out how you can support people affected by dementia during coronavirus. From learning more about the condition and sharing our resources, to fundraising, campaigning and more.  

How would you like to help?

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Support your community

Become a Dementia Friend

Learn practical ways to support people affected by dementia during coronavirus by becoming a Dementia Friend. Find out more about how dementia affects a person and ways to help people in your community.

Whether you’re volunteering in your community’s coronavirus response activity, helping someone with their shopping or supporting someone from afar, a little understanding can make all the difference.   

We have adapted our information sessions so you can now join through a webinar or live streaming session.  

Become a Dementia Friend

Read our guide on how to support people with dementia in your community

Many already helping or volunteering in their local communities during Coronavirus will be supporting people affected by dementia.  

Our top tips guide is designed to give you an understanding of dementia, its impact and how you can help in your community during the pandemic. 

It was created together with people affected by dementia and includes five simple things you can do, like learning a little more about the condition to tips on communicating effectively, or where to signpost to for support.   

Download the guide

Teach young people how to support people affected by dementia during isolation.

Our new activities and actions toolkit is for teachers, parents, guardians and youth leaders to help young people learn about dementia and how they can take action to support people affected by dementia during the coronavirus pandemic.

Download activity pack

Donate to our emergency appeal

Coronavirus means people living with dementia need us more than ever before.

The coming months are set to be tough, and coronavirus will hit people affected by dementia the hardest. We simply cannot let people with dementia and their carers face this alone. We are asking you on their behalf to please help by making a donation.

Donate now

Support our campaigns

More than ever people affected by dementia must be considered in the decisions made by local and national Government to protect people throughout the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown period. We are committed to making that happen.

From accessing essential food supplies and vital prescriptions, to ensuring that social care is given the same level of support as the NHS, we will be challenging Government to make clear that people with dementia matter, and that no one will be abandoned to this virus simply because of their diagnosis. We can’t drive this forward without your support.

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Share our anti-scam information

Being home alone whilst self-isolating could mean some people affected by dementia are more likely to be vulnerable to financial abuse.

Coronavirus-related scams can take place over the phone, online and face-to-face. Share our postcard with your friends, neighbours and family so they can spot these scams.

Download scam advice postcard

Share your story

Sharing your story can help people know they are not alone and can inspire others to take action. We are interested to hear about how the current situation with coronavirus and isolation is affecting your daily life.

Whether you are living with dementia, caring for someone with dementia or volunteering, campaigning or fundraising because a loved one has been diagnosed, we’d love to hear from you.

Share your story