You're not alone: Getting the support you need on Talking Point

Our online community can help even if your situation is unusual or unique.

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Facing new challenges as time goes on is something shared by everyone whose life is affected by dementia. It can be easy to feel alone in situations you’re going through, especially when these are new, unusual, challenging or even unique.

You might want to talk to other people about it, but may be held back by questions in the back of your mind like, ‘What if nobody understands?’ or, ‘How could anyone else know?’

On Talking Point, our online community, you will find a safe place where people discuss all sorts of situations. This can be about anything from how to help a loved one who keeps a secret stash of alcohol, to how to support someone who is compulsively buying things.

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Common or not

It may be that you find yourself in a situation that’s actually more common than you expected.

In the past, members have asked about coping with a family member’s denial about their dementia, explaining where a deceased relative is and being a ‘sandwich generation’ carer, supporting their parents and children at the same time. Until they talked about their experiences on Talking Point, they all felt as if they were the only ones facing them.

Even if other people aren’t able to relate to the specific details of what you’re dealing with, they may still be able to draw suggestions from their own experiences. Either way, Talking Point is the kind of place where you’ll always find a supportive and non- judgemental response.

Look around

You don’t need to have signed up as a member of Talking Point to read discussions on it, so you can have a look around first to make sure it’s the right place for you.

If you aren’t sure about posting in a forum that anyone online can read, there is also a section called ‘dealing with difficult feelings’ that can only be seen by other people who’ve joined as members.

Whatever you’re going through and however unique it might feel, Talking Point is where you can share your experiences with other people affected by dementia, ask questions and be reminded that you are not alone.

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Dementia together magazine is for everyone in the dementia movement and anyone affected by the condition.
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Dementia together magazine is for everyone in the dementia movement and anyone affected by the condition.
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