Celebrating Chris and Ronald's exceptional contribution to dementia care

Chris Maddocks and Ronald Amanze are joint winners of the Exceptional Contribution by Person Living with Dementia category at the 12th National Dementia Care Awards 2022.

Alzheimer's Society is delighted to hear that Chris Maddocks and Ronald Amanze have been awarded for their exceptional contribution to dementia care at the 12th National Dementia Care Awards.

Organisers of the awards described the category as a difficult one to judge, adding that this year was no exception.

Chris is smiling and leaning her head on Ron's while they are close in a friendly embrace

Photo credit: Chris Maddocks (@chris40781)

'Everyone living with dementia who contributes to the field of dementia care – in any way – is deserving of our recognition, applause and respect.'
- The Journal of Dementia Care

The ceremony for the 12th National Dementia Care Awards, organised by the Journal of Dementia Care, took place at Winchester Cathedral on 29 September 2022.

Chris shared the good news on her Twitter page recently, saying she is 'proud and humbled to be a winner'.

Exceptional Contribution by a Person Living with Dementia

Chris Maddocks: Winner

Chris was chosen because she has significantly raised the profile of people living with Lewy bodies dementia (DLB) and LGBTQ+ people with dementia by sharing her experiences.

According to the judges, 'Her influence has broad scope and longevity and is highly effective. She richly deserves this accolade.'

Ronald Amanze: Winner

Ronald was chosen because he is 'breaking new ground, raising the profile of people with dementia of African Caribbean heritage'.

Inspired by his musical talents, Ronald is 'challenging preconceptions about the creative capabilities of people living with dementia'.

Poem by Chris and Ronald

To mark the occasion, Chris and Ronald will share a poem they co-wrote at an Alzheimer’s Society event together when they first met.

Ronald regularly shares poetry on his Twitter account, @ronaldamanze.

Sometimes I just want to talk
Sometimes I just want to listen
Sometimes I just want to cry
And then again, sometimes I just want to smile.

Be patient and ask me why
And don't be surprised when you get a reply!
Sometimes I just want to shout out
I'm still me - can't you see?

Ronald and Chris holding hands underneath a large piece of paper with their poem

Photo credit: Ronald Amanze (ronaldamanze.co.uk)

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congratulation to the winners. They contribute in helping us understand the illness better as far as i understood the text. And i really like the poem. I wish their illness to progress slowly and have the support they need and happy moments in life.