Prime Minister's Challenge on dementia

Man looking out

In March 2012, the Prime Minister set a challenge to deliver major improvements in dementia care and research by 2015. The three champion groups were set up to focus on the main areas for action: driving improvements in health and care, creating dementia friendly communities and improving dementia research.

We are now over a year into the three year programme of work to address this challenge and have published a report that celebrates our initial successes, identifies shared themes across the work and reflects on what we have learnt so far. It also sets out plans for the coming months - there is still much to do and what has been achieved so far are the building blocks for improvement. 

Over the past year we have prioritised work focusing on the original key commitments and actions in the challenge, but also initiating some new actions to go further and faster in a number of areas. The challenge and benefits of raising awareness and understanding of dementia is a theme that cuts across the work of all three champion groups.

We will continue to push hard on this over the next two years. We hope that the report can be a vehicle to help galvanise greater support and engagement across society to help the champion groups deliver their ambitions. 

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