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We support research funded by other organisations via our research partnerships process.

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Partnerships: Supporting researchers funded by other organisations

Research partnerships provide an opportunity to improve the quality and relevance of projects by; influencing research outputs, supporting with participant recruitment and shaping research questions, scope and methodologies.  

Researchers who are funded by Alzhiemer's Society who need help with patient recruitment or other aspects of their grants should email [email protected] 

How we work in partnership with researchers

We work in partnership with researchers in a range of ways, including:

a) Enabling the involvement and or participation of people affected by dementia in your research. For instance, asking our staff to share opportunities with our service users or Research Network Volunteers.

  •  before funding has been received- to advise as the plans for the research are being developed
  • once funding is in place - to advise and support delivery of the research
  • once funding is in place - to become research participants

Please note that Join Dementia Research can also help with participant recruitment.

b) Using the expertise of Alzheimer's Society to advise on aspects of research:

  • before funding has been received -  to advise as the plans for the research are being developed 
  • once funding is in place - we can ask our staff to support the project by becoming members of the project advisory group                

c) Involving Alzheimer's Society in the delivery of research i.e.

  • helping engage decision makers
  • becoming delivery/implementation partners

Why do we support research through partnerships?

  • We are increasing our reach and influence beyond the research we are funding, providing us with further opportunities to work on projects that support our strategy.
  • We are supporting researchers to address the real needs of people affected by dementia by enabling patient and public involvement in dementia research. By brokering relationships between researchers and people affected by dementia, researchers can see the value of patient and public involvement.
  • We are supporting researchers to overcome logistical challenges in delivering their research for example, meeting ethical and funding requirements for patient and public involvement
  • We are stimulating interest and demand for follow on research projects to be funded.
  •  We are bringing research into the real world by supporting the dissemination and implementation of research findings. 
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