Other ways we support researchers

We are dedicated to ensuring that our researchers are supported throughout their careers. Learn about our Dementia Research Leaders programme and individuals who are from biomedical, clinical and social science backgrounds.

All applications for Alzheimer's Society funding are reviewed by our Research Network of approximately 280 carers, former carers and people with dementia.

Our Dementia Research Leaders programme


Our investment in both care and biomedical research has more than doubled since 2010. Learn more about how Alzheimer's Society invests in Dementia Research Leaders of the future.

The Dementia Research Leaders awards recognise the contribution that early and mid-career researchers make to dementia research and people affected by dementia.
Alzheimer's Society offers a mentoring programme to our funded fellows, to help them obtain a permanent academic position.
Alzheimer's Society is funding eight Doctoral Training Centres across the UK to develop the next generation of Dementia Research Leaders.

We provide funding and development opportunities for people from the start of a career in research through to establishing themselves as independent investigators. 

The Dementia Research Leaders programme includes researchers funded by Alzheimer’s Society who are named Undergraduate Research Bursary or PhD students and our junior, senior and clinical fellows.

The programme also supports postdoctoral researchers supported by our Project or Programme grants.

Funding opportunities
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