Sibstar: An innovative partnership with Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer’s Society have partnered with Sibstar to develop an entirely new financial product specifically designed for people living with dementia. 

What is Sibstar?

Sibstar is a flexible debit card and app helping families living with dementia to safely manage their everyday spending.

Load the Sibstar card with your chosen amount of money then, within the app manage how and where that money can be used.

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How will Sibstar help people with dementia?

By enabling people with dementia to manage their money securely, Sibstar ensures they can remain independent.

Families also have the reassurance and confidence money is protected as the person they care for continues to enjoy their everyday activities.

Who designed Sibstar?

Sibstar was developed by Jayne Sibley when she noticed her mother, June, who lived with Alzheimer’s disease was finding it increasingly difficult to manage her daily spending.

June had started making numerous cashpoint withdrawals, giving money away and falling to scams – losing thousands of pounds.

After trying all sorts of solutions Jayne had no choice but to stop her mother accessing her finances, but this meant June lost her financial independence.

Watch a short video with Jayne, the creator of Sibstar:

Partnering with Sibstar

Alzheimer’s Society initially partnered with Sibstar through our Accelerator Programme. As well as investing in the company, we worked with the Sibstar team to develop and promote their product.

We have supported them to work directly with people with dementia and their families who have shaped the features included in the product and fed into the development of Sibstar’s brand to ensure it appeals to potential customers.

The partnership with Alzheimer’s Society has added credibility to the brand, reassuring customers that Sibstar a high-quality product designed specifically for people affected by dementia.

We continue to support Sibstar and are committed to maximising its success, enabling as many people living with dementia as possible to safely manage their daily spending.

Sibstar is available now

You can find out more on the Sibstar website 

There is a £4.99 set-up fee and £4.99 monthly subscription fee. ATM withdrawals cost 99p. 7.5% of profits go directly back to Alzheimer’s Society.

Learn more about Sibstar

Find out more about Sibstar by visiting their website.

Visit their website