Completed research projects

Learn about the completed research projects that we have funded in recent years.

Completed in 2017

Understanding Alzheimer's disease by investigating the condition in people with Down's syndrome

Lead investigator: Professor Elizabeth Fisher
Institution: University College London

Understanding how genes related to the immune system contribute to Alzheimer's disease

Lead investigator: Dr Angela Hodges
Institution: Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

Understanding the effects of damage to an area of the brain susceptible to degeneration in Alzheimer's disease

Lead investigator: Dr Jerome Swinny
Institution: University of Portsmouth

Developing a night-time care programme for people with dementia with sleep disturbance in care homes

Lead investigator: Dr Anne Corbett
Institution: King’s College London

Understanding what makes good dementia friendly initiatives in health care

Lead investigator: Professor Claire Goodman
Institution: University of Hertfordshire

Strategies to prevent surgery-induced cognitive decline

Lead Investigator:  Dr Helena Watts
Institution:  Imperial College London

Bringing vascular dementia to the forefront of research

Lead Investigator: Dr Patrick Kehoe
Institution: University of Bristol

How does tau, a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, affect the connections between brain cells?

Lead Investigator: Dr Tara Spires-Jones
Institution: University of Edinburgh

Is damage to white matter always caused by problems with blood flow?

Lead investigator: Professor Johannes Attems
Institution: Newcastle University 

Testing three drugs to see if they have potential as dementia treatments

Lead Investigator: Professor Giovanna Mallucci
Institution: University of Cambridge

Testing type-2 diabetes drugs as potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease

Lead investigator: Professor Christian Holscher
Instituation: Lancaster University

Understanding how Alzheimer’s disease affects specific brain cell networks

Lead investigator: Dr Iris Oren
Institution: University of Edinburgh

Perceptions and experiences of children and young people with a parent with dementia

Lead investigator: Professor Pat Sikes (Project grant)
Institution: University of Sheffield

Developing a programme to reduce the risk of falls in people with dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Victoria Booth (Clinical Training Fellowship)
Institution: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Completed in 2016

Investigating the interactions that cause tau to form tangles in Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Wade-Martins (Project grant)
Institution: University of Oxford

Investigating the interaction of proteins and their effects in Alzheimer’s disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Jeremy Henley (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Bristol

Getting a promising drug ready for clinical trials

Lead Investigator: Professor David Allsop (Project grant)
Institution: Lancaster University

Investigating the best ways to put dementia care research into practice

Lead Investigator: Dr Jo Thompson Coon (Project grant)
Institution: University of Exeter

Novel drugs for treating Alzheimer’s disease

Lead Investigator: Professor Frank Gunn-Moore (Project grant)
Institution: University of St Andrews

Investigating potential ways to diagnose Alzheimer's disease using a blood test

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Dobson (PhD studentship)
Institution: King's College London 

Can identifying problems with short-term memory help to diagnose Alzheimer's disease?

Lead Investigator: Dr Mario Parra (Fellowship grant)
Institution: University of Edinburgh/Heriot-Watt University

How does the 'culture' within a nursing home influence the prescription of certain drugs?

Lead Investigator: Professor Carmel Hughes (PhD studentship)
Institution: Queen's University Belfast

What role does the immune system play in recognising the Alzheimer's disease hallmark, amyloid?

Lead Investigator: Dr Martha Triantafilou (PhD studentship)
Institution: Cardiff University

After the Liverpool Care Pathway – What next for people with dementia?

Lead Investigator: Professor Steve Iliffe (Project grant)
Institution: University College London

Let's talk about dementia: discussing a diagnosis of dementia with people with learning difficulties

Lead Investigtaor: Dr Karen Watchman (Dissemination grant)
Institution: University of the West of Scotland

Creating and providing resources for Deaf people with dementia, and the healthcare professionals treating them

Lead Investigator: Professor Alys Young (Dissemination grant)
Institution: University of Manchester

Developing better ways to talk to peole with Alzheimer's disease about their illness

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Cheston (Project grant)
Institution: University of the West of England 

Study of rare genetic variants in Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Rebecca Sims (Fellowship)
Institution: Cardiff University 


Completed in 2015

Mapping differences in memory and thinking abilities in people with and without dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Graciela Muniz-Terrera
Institution: University of Cambridge

Finding biological markers that can help to diagnose and monitor Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Petroula Proitsi (Fellowship)
Institution: King's College London 

Is there a link between head injury and dementia?

Lead Investigator: Dr Jill Fowler (Fellowship)
Institution: University of Edinburgh

Long-term reduction in blood flow - a cause of vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease?

Lead Investigator: Prof Karen Horsburgh (Project grant)
Institution: University of Edinburgh

Investigating the causes of white matter damage and its link to dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Atticus Hainsworth (Project grant)
Institution: St George's, University of London

What causes visual hallucinations in dementia with Lewy bodies?

Lead Investigator: Dr Christopher Morris (Project grant)
Institution: Newcastle University

Treating blood pressure and cholesterol to prevent dementia after stroke: a pilot trial

Lead Investigator: Prof Phillip Bath (Project grant)
Institution: University of Nottingham

How can we change stem cells into brain cells?

Lead Investigator: Dr Virginie Sottile (Project grant)
Institution: University of Nottingham

Understanding how the brain processes copper during Alzheimer's disease, using brain scans - a potential tool for diagnosis

Lead investigator: Professor Philip Blower (PhD studentship) 
Institution: King's College London

The interaction between short beta-amyloid proteins and the immune system

Lead Investigator: Professor Florian Kern (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Sussex

How do cells make and use energy during Alzheimer's disease?

Professor Frank Gunn-Moore (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of St Andrews

Understanding the role that genes play in Alzheimer's disease tau tangles

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Wade-Martins (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Oxford

A minimal interference technique to improve memory in people with Alzheimer's

Lead Investigator: Professor Sergio Della Sala (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate bursaries 2015: Summary of projects

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Completed in 2014

Investigating Dimebon, a promising new drug for Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Professor Vladimir Buchman (Project grant)
Institution: University of Cardiff

Investigating the brain's protective cells

Lead Investigator: Dr Kaylene Young (Project grant)
Institution: The Menzies Institute, Australia & University College London

Untangling the link between amyloid and tau in Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Killick (Project grant)
Institution: King's College London

Diagnosis of dementia by measuring proteins in blood

Lead investigator: Dr Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska (Project grant)
Institution: Newcastle University

Mapping nerve changes in the hippocampus to behaviour changes during Alzheimer's

Lead Investigator: Dr John Gigg (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Manchester

Can astrocyte cells protect nerve cells from damage?

Lead Investigator: Professor Michael Ashford (PhD studentship)
Institution: The University of Dundee

How understanding cell death could lead to a new drug for Alzheimer's

Lead Investigator: Dr Marcus Rattray (PhD studentship)
Institute: University of Reading

Paving the way for a new approach to Alzheimer's diagnosis

Lead Investigator: Professor Simon Lovestone (PhD studentship) 
Institution: King's College London

Engaging with dementia: From bench to bedside

Lead Investigator: Dr Dave Lewis
Institution: University of Leeds

Completed in 2013

Improving hospital treatment for people with dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Elizabeth Sampson (Project grant)
Institution: University College London

How does tau cause nerve cells to die?

Lead Investigator: Dr Amritpal Mudher (Project grant)
Institution: Southampton University

Reviewing the evidence on how to treat and care for people with early-stage dementia without drugs

Lead investigator: Professor Carol Brayne (Project grant)
Institution: University of Cambridge

Why do nerve cells stop communicating in Lewy body dementias?

Lead Investigator: Professor Paul Francis (Project grant)
Institution: King's College London

Why do older people develop dementia after surgery?

Lead Investigator: Dr Daqing Ma (Project grant)
Institution: Imperial College London

Developing a cell library resource for dementia research

Lead Investigator: Professor Martin Rossor (Project grant)
Institution: University College London

Dying in hospital: Care of people with dementia and their carers

Lead Investigator: Dr Kristian Pollock (Project grant)
Institution: University of Nottingham

Care of nursing home residents with advanced dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Carole Parsons (Project grant)
Institution: Queen's University Belfast

Could a blood test identify who is susceptible to Alzheimer's disease?

Lead Investigator: Dr Gayle Doherty (Fellowship)
Institution: University of St Andrews

PICALM - Investigating a new gene for Alzheimer's

Lead Investigator: Dr Shabnam Baig (Fellowship)
Institution: University of Bristol

Understanding the genetic link between dementia and Down's Syndrome

Lead Investigator: Dr Emma Jones (Fellowship)
Institution: Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases, King's College London

How do genes work?

Lead Investigator: Dr Keith Spriggs (PhD studentship)
Institute: Nottingham University

Flavonoids in the diet: Could they help prevent Alzheimer's disease?

Lead Investigator: Dr Robert Williams (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Bath

Understanding the genetics and biology of Fronto-temporal dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Sean Sweeney (PhD studentship)
Institute: University of York

Providing Alzheimer's disease brain scan data to other researchers

Lead Investigator: Dr Jonathan Schott (Dissemination)
Institution: Institute of Neurology, University College London