Completed research projects

Learn about the completed research projects that we have funded in recent years.

Completed in 2017

Perceptions and experiences of children and young people with a parent with dementia

Lead investigator: Professor Pat Sikes (Project grant)
Institution: University of Sheffield

Developing a programme to reduce the risk of falls in people with dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Victoria Booth (Clinical Training Fellowship)
Institution: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Completed in 2016

Investigating the interactions that cause tau to form tangles in Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Wade-Martins (Project grant)
Institution: University of Oxford

Investigating the interaction of proteins and their effects in Alzheimer’s disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Jeremy Henley (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Bristol

Getting a promising drug ready for clinical trials

Lead Investigator: Professor David Allsop (Project grant)
Institution: Lancaster University

Investigating the best ways to put dementia care research into practice

Lead Investigator: Dr Jo Thompson Coon (Project grant)
Institution: University of Exeter

Novel drugs for treating Alzheimer’s disease

Lead Investigator: Professor Frank Gunn-Moore (Project grant)
Institution: University of St Andrews

Investigating potential ways to diagnose Alzheimer's disease using a blood test

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Dobson (PhD studentship)
Institution: King's College London 

Can identifying problems with short-term memory help to diagnose Alzheimer's disease?

Lead Investigator: Dr Mario Parra (Fellowship grant)
Institution: University of Edinburgh/Heriot-Watt University

How does the 'culture' within a nursing home influence the prescription of certain drugs?

Lead Investigator: Professor Carmel Hughes (PhD studentship)
Institution: Queen's University Belfast

What role does the immune system play in recognising the Alzheimer's disease hallmark, amyloid?

Lead Investigator: Dr Martha Triantafilou (PhD studentship)
Institution: Cardiff University

After the Liverpool Care Pathway – What next for people with dementia?

Lead Investigator: Professor Steve Iliffe (Project grant)
Institution: University College London

Let's talk about dementia: discussing a diagnosis of dementia with people with learning difficulties

Lead Investigtaor: Dr Karen Watchman (Dissemination grant)
Institution: University of the West of Scotland

Creating and providing resources for Deaf people with dementia, and the healthcare professionals treating them

Lead Investigator: Professor Alys Young (Dissemination grant)
Institution: University of Manchester

Developing better ways to talk to peole with Alzheimer's disease about their illness

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Cheston (Project grant)
Institution: University of the West of England 

Study of rare genetic variants in Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Rebecca Sims (Fellowship)
Institution: Cardiff University 


Completed in 2015

Mapping differences in memory and thinking abilities in people with and without dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Graciela Muniz-Terrera
Institution: University of Cambridge

Finding biological markers that can help to diagnose and monitor Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Petroula Proitsi (Fellowship)
Institution: King's College London 

Is there a link between head injury and dementia?

Lead Investigator: Dr Jill Fowler (Fellowship)
Institution: University of Edinburgh

Long-term reduction in blood flow - a cause of vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease?

Lead Investigator: Prof Karen Horsburgh (Project grant)
Institution: University of Edinburgh

Investigating the causes of white matter damage and its link to dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Atticus Hainsworth (Project grant)
Institution: St George's, University of London

What causes visual hallucinations in dementia with Lewy bodies?

Lead Investigator: Dr Christopher Morris (Project grant)
Institution: Newcastle University

Treating blood pressure and cholesterol to prevent dementia after stroke: a pilot trial

Lead Investigator: Prof Phillip Bath (Project grant)
Institution: University of Nottingham

How can we change stem cells into brain cells?

Lead Investigator: Dr Virginie Sottile (Project grant)
Institution: University of Nottingham

Understanding how the brain processes copper during Alzheimer's disease, using brain scans - a potential tool for diagnosis

Lead investigator: Professor Philip Blower (PhD studentship) 
Institution: King's College London

The interaction between short beta-amyloid proteins and the immune system

Lead Investigator: Professor Florian Kern (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Sussex

How do cells make and use energy during Alzheimer's disease?

Professor Frank Gunn-Moore (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of St Andrews

Understanding the role that genes play in Alzheimer's disease tau tangles

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Wade-Martins (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Oxford

A minimal interference technique to improve memory in people with Alzheimer's

Lead Investigator: Professor Sergio Della Sala (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate bursaries 2015: Summary of projects

Read more about the projects undertaken by our 2015 Undergraduate Research Bursary holders

Completed in 2014

Investigating Dimebon, a promising new drug for Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Professor Vladimir Buchman (Project grant)
Institution: University of Cardiff

Investigating the brain's protective cells

Lead Investigator: Dr Kaylene Young (Project grant)
Institution: The Menzies Institute, Australia & University College London

Untangling the link between amyloid and tau in Alzheimer's disease

Lead Investigator: Dr Richard Killick (Project grant)
Institution: King's College London

Diagnosis of dementia by measuring proteins in blood

Lead investigator: Dr Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska (Project grant)
Institution: Newcastle University

Mapping nerve changes in the hippocampus to behaviour changes during Alzheimer's

Lead Investigator: Dr John Gigg (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Manchester

Can astrocyte cells protect nerve cells from damage?

Lead Investigator: Professor Michael Ashford (PhD studentship)
Institution: The University of Dundee

How understanding cell death could lead to a new drug for Alzheimer's

Lead Investigator: Dr Marcus Rattray (PhD studentship)
Institute: University of Reading

Paving the way for a new approach to Alzheimer's diagnosis

Lead Investigator: Professor Simon Lovestone (PhD studentship) 
Institution: King's College London

Engaging with dementia: From bench to bedside

Lead Investigator: Dr Dave Lewis
Institution: University of Leeds

Completed in 2013

Improving hospital treatment for people with dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Elizabeth Sampson (Project grant)
Institution: University College London

How does tau cause nerve cells to die?

Lead Investigator: Dr Amritpal Mudher (Project grant)
Institution: Southampton University

Reviewing the evidence on how to treat and care for people with early-stage dementia without drugs

Lead investigator: Professor Carol Brayne (Project grant)
Institution: University of Cambridge

Why do nerve cells stop communicating in Lewy body dementias?

Lead Investigator: Professor Paul Francis (Project grant)
Institution: King's College London

Why do older people develop dementia after surgery?

Lead Investigator: Dr Daqing Ma (Project grant)
Institution: Imperial College London

Developing a cell library resource for dementia research

Lead Investigator: Professor Martin Rossor (Project grant)
Institution: University College London

Dying in hospital: Care of people with dementia and their carers

Lead Investigator: Dr Kristian Pollock (Project grant)
Institution: University of Nottingham

Care of nursing home residents with advanced dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Carole Parsons (Project grant)
Institution: Queen's University Belfast

Could a blood test identify who is susceptible to Alzheimer's disease?

Lead Investigator: Dr Gayle Doherty (Fellowship)
Institution: University of St Andrews

PICALM - Investigating a new gene for Alzheimer's

Lead Investigator: Dr Shabnam Baig (Fellowship)
Institution: University of Bristol

Understanding the genetic link between dementia and Down's Syndrome

Lead Investigator: Dr Emma Jones (Fellowship)
Institution: Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases, King's College London

How do genes work?

Lead Investigator: Dr Keith Spriggs (PhD studentship)
Institute: Nottingham University

Flavonoids in the diet: Could they help prevent Alzheimer's disease?

Lead Investigator: Dr Robert Williams (PhD studentship)
Institution: University of Bath

Understanding the genetics and biology of Fronto-temporal dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Sean Sweeney (PhD studentship)
Institute: University of York

Providing Alzheimer's disease brain scan data to other researchers

Lead Investigator: Dr Jonathan Schott (Dissemination)
Institution: Institute of Neurology, University College London




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