Alzheimer’s Society responds to ‘Labour will introduce free personal care to support older people to live independently with dignity and security and ensure more people can access care’

Today (Monday 23 September) Labour’s Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care, Barbara Keeley, and Shadow Minister, John McDonnell, will announce major plans to fund care for older people so they can live independently in their own homes.

Alzheimer’s Society CEO, Jeremy Hughes said:

'The introduction of free personal care would be a major step in addressing the desperate struggle to get much-needed support that so many people with dementia have to endure, significantly reducing social care costs and the likelihood of people with dementia having to sell their homes to pay for care.

Free personal care must however mean access to high quality care that recognises people with dementia’s needs. Additionally it has to address the extra costs people with dementia are expected to pay - on average 15 per cent more than people receiving standard social care.

'Social care needs to work like the NHS, schools and other public services where the cost is spread across society, and it is now essential that the Government announces its own plans for long term care reform.  They must deliver by committing to universal care that’s free at the point of need, finally promising dignity and security for people with dementia.'