Sainsbury's receives praise for supporting employee with Alzheimer's disease

Son of a woman living with Alzheimer's praises Sainsbury's for supporting his mum during the latter months of her employment.

Doron Salomon posted a heartfelt thread on Twitter to applaud Sainsbury's for supporting his mum during her employment at the supermarket in Kenton, north London, since 2012.

Emma Bould, Programme Partnerships Manager at Alzheimer's Society, said:

'We praise Sainsbury’s for the care and sensitivity they have shown. Over the last couple of years, we have worked with Sainsbury’s in producing the Dementia-Friendly Business Guide and understanding more about how organisations can support their employees affected by dementia.

'Often people living with dementia stop working as their dementia progresses because they are worried about getting the support they need.

'But this is proof that, with the right support from employers, people with dementia can continue to work and contribute to society after a diagnosis.'

Sainsbury’s were one of our 10 business pilots from 2015 in becoming dementia-friendly. We supported them in putting processes in place to support their staff and customers.

Learn more from this video by Sainsbury's, published in July 2016.

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