Responding to coronavirus

Our Dementia Advisers are providing support in communities all over the country to help people affected by dementia survive this crisis. During lockdown, the stakes are even higher as people struggle to get the basic necessities they need to live.  

“ It can get lonely living on my own, but every week, I get a call from Lucy, my Dementia Support Worker. She is wonderful. She is just made for her job. ”
Lily, 75, living with dementia.
Lily a service user

Since lockdown began, we have: 

Made over 160,000 Welfare Calls to people affected by dementia. 

So far, over 40,000 people have received calls from our specialist Dementia Advisers who check in regularly to make sure people can access food, medication, and appropriate support.


Received over 30,000 calls to the Dementia Connect Support Line. 

Over a quarter of calls to our Support Line have related to concerns about coronavirus, as well as the day to day challenges of living with dementia or being a family carer.  



Helped over 3,000 people combat loneliness 

through our new Companion Calls service which launched in mid-April. Already, over 40,000 calls have been made by over 1,500 brilliant volunteers.  



Pushed the government to respond to the growing crisis in care homes. 

People with dementia make up 70% of care home residents, and we will continue to fight for their rights in this crisis and beyond. Join our campaign.



Provided reliable online support to hundreds of thousands of people. 

People have viewed coronavirus information on our website over 570,000 times.