Resources and videos

Sometimes it can be helpful to learn about dementia together with a family member or friend, or direct children and young people to explore some of these resources independently and discuss it afterwards.


Read our page on ‘Explaining dementia to children and young people. It explains how children and young people can be affected when someone close to them has dementia and suggests how parents can talk to their children about dementia to help children feel secure and involved.

You may also find it helpful to know more about dementia. Read our About Dementia pages, watch our Youtube videos or complete the free SCIE Open Dementia e-learning modules.

Our illustrated children's book It's me Grandma, it's me! is available to buy on our online shop for £2.50

Our Pinterest board shows lots of books that are available for young people to tell you a bit more about dementia.

Brain: the inside story is a free resource for A-level biology students to explore the brain and nervous system.   


Our interactive infographic lets you you explore some of the key facts and figures about dementia. 

The Dementia brain tour is a video resources with chapters on the brain and how brain cells function. It also tells you more about the science of different types of dementia, and how they affect the brain. 


Our video What are the symptoms of dementia? tells you a bit more about the key symptoms and how dementia affects people. 

Our video Small Changes gives you an idea of what it might be like to go about your day with dementia, and the small changes we can all make to help people with dementia.

Christine and Jennifer-Rose, and Early onset vascular dementia - a daughter's perspective talk about what it's like for young people when a parent develops dementia. 

Forget me not is a short documentary about a family coming to terms with dementia. It focuses on a girl and her father struggling to take care of her grandfather as dementia progresses and their relationship changes.

Alzheimer's impact on families - School Reporters Iman and Megan from Wellington School in Altrincham find out more about Alzheimer's disease. They look into how learning more about the condition could help their families cope with the changes that it brings.

Tune into Dementia is a film by Inspired Youth, made with students at Joseph Rowntree School (York). Students from the school provided the creative ideas to stimulate debate about dementia with young people.

The Archie Project is a project for primary schools which links up schools and care homes to learn about dementia and encourages intergenerational relationships. 

The video of Stoke Damerel Community College shows how some schools have embedded dementia across the whole curriculum, and the impact it can have on pupils. 


Our podcast Grandparents with dementia tells you a bit more about what happens when a grandparent has dementia, what you can do to help, and ways of coping. 

Braincell Boogie is a funny and light-hearted song for young people about dealing with dementia. It is based on the book, and featuring the characters from 'The Dementia Diaries' by Matthew Snyman.