Dementia Friendly Businesses

We are currently running an exciting new pilot looking at how we can create dementia friendly businesses that will fit into the already recognised dementia friendly communities programme. We know that lots of businesses want to know how they can support people affected by dementia, and now that we have received funding from the Department of Health, we are exploring how we can tailor our existing programmes to work for businesses to establish new partnerships and further develop our existing relationships with businesses and organisations

Over the next few months we will be working closely with several businesses to explore how they currently support employees, customers and their local communities around dementia and to see if there are any changes they can make to improve their ways of working.

Key areas we are looking into include:

a) HR processes and procedures

b) Local engagement

c) Internal support

d) Information provision

e) Training and awareness

f) Customer and client support

g) Physical environments

We plan to produce a report next summer with key recommendations on how businesses can become dementia friendly, including case studies of best practice and guidance in the different areas a business needs to consider. We will update this information as the pilot develops and keep you up to date on the work going on this exciting work stream.

In the meantime, if you have any queries and want a point of contact for your business or organisation, please contact us at

Dementia Friendly Workplaces

You can also download a copy of our publication 'Creating a dementia-friendly workplace: A practical guide for employers' here.