Our dementia support services

Living with dementia can be overwhelming, but you're not alone.

From a listening ear on the phone, to a visit in person. From practical tips and advice, to opportunities to connect with others. Alzheimer's Society is here for you - no matter how you need us.

No matter what type of dementia you have, we’re here for you.

Dementia information and support

If you have dementia, or know someone who does, our information can help. You can also order dementia information by post.

Advice on getting help and support when caring for someone with dementia, such as:

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Practical day-to-day advice for anyone living with dementia or their carer, including:

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Advice on how a person living with dementia can stay independent for as long as possible, such as:

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Publications and factsheets

Our publications and factsheets help you learn more about dementia, living with the condition and support available.

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Dementia Support Line
Our dementia advisers are here for you.
Dementia Support Forum
Visit our online community to get advice, share experiences, connect.