Companion Calls

Companion Calls can help people with dementia and their carers feel more connected and less lonely during the coronavirus crisis.  

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Companion Calls are a temporary addition to our Dementia Connect service, which is available year-round, nationwide, to support anyone affected by dementia.

We know many people with dementia are at a higher risk from coronavirus and with restrictions on movement, it can be even harder to get on with everyday things. We have all had to change how we shop, stay active and keep in touch. 

Not being able to leave the house or receive visitors means less social contact with families, friends and communities. Even carers may not be able to visit as often. We understand the impact that loneliness can have on mental health and well-being.

That’s why we started Companion Calls, where our trained volunteers make regular phone calls to check in and have a friendly chat about anything the person they’re calling fancies. It could be their favourite TV show, the weather or simply to talk about how things are going.

Kevin’s story

Watch Kevin talk about Companion Calls in this short video:

How to request a Companion Call

Please call our Dementia Connect support line on 0333 150 3456 or if you speak Welsh 03300 947 400. One of our Dementia Advisers will have a chat with you to find out if Companion Calls are right for you, or if there are other ways we can help.

Companion Calls are a social chat - they do not offer specific dementia support, advice or guidance. If you or anyone you know needs dementia support at this difficult time, contact our Dementia Connect support line.

Dementia Connect support line
Our dementia advisers are here for you.

Can I become a Companion Call Volunteer?

If you are an existing Alzheimer’s Society volunteer, please email the Volunteering Support team at [email protected] about this opportunity.

If you don’t already volunteer with us, please take a look at our volunteering opportunities to see if we are currently recruiting for Companion Call Volunteers.

'I had another lovely Companion Call this morning. The wife and carer of the person I called said he’d been asking every day when I was going to call again. The calls are making a real difference.'
– Companion Call Volunteer

Support our emergency appeal

We are only able to keep making Companion Calls because of the generous donations of our supporters. Will you please help us to continue providing these vital calls by supporting our emergency appeal?

Support our emergency appeal