Side by Side

Our Side by Side service links people living with dementia to volunteers, so they can keep doing the things they love

A Side by Side service user and volunteer

What is Side by Side?

Side by Side is a new Alzheimer's Society service that helps people with dementia to keep doing the things they love.

The service helps people get out and about with the support of a volunteer doing an activity of their choice. This might be anything from joining a local club, to going to the football, a cafe or simply a stroll in the park.

This extra support can make it easier for people with dementia, who might sometimes feel isolated or find it difficult to leave their homes, to do things we might take for granted and feel part of their local community. The service is highly flexible and built around the individual and their needs.

How can I access Side by Side?

Side by Side is available in over 35 locations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are currently growing the service and working towards giving every person with dementia the opportunity to access it.

If you're living with dementia and interested in accessing Side by Side, click below to find out if it's currently available in your area.

Find out if Side by Side is available near you

What does this service hope to achieve? 

  • Enable people with dementia to lead fulfilling lives
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness in people with dementia
  • Ensure people with dementia are not excluded from their local services and community activity
  • Empower people with dementia to develop their own solutions and responses to meet their needs and wishes
  • Support people with dementia to identify their own personal talents, strengths and capabilities, and what they can bring to their peers and the wider community
  • Develop and encourage informal, community-based support networks for people with dementia

How do I volunteer for Side by Side?

If you're interested in becoming a Side by Side volunteer, visit our volunteering page.

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