Dementia Voice Local Groups

Dementia Voice Local Groups are groups of people living with dementia who influence Alzheimer's Society's and other organisations' work. They do this by sharing their personal experiences of dementia, knowledge and skills to shape a wide range of projects and topics chosen by them.

What are Dementia Voice Local Groups?

They are groups of people living with dementia all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The groups have up to 8 members and hold monthly meetings.

The purpose of the groups are to influence and shape the work and services of Alzheimer's Society.  They do this by sharing their experiences and opinions on a range of topics. For example, our Publications team asked the groups to review the Dementia Guide and share their feedback to help improve the design of this flagship resource.

Groups also get the chance to influence the work of other organisations such as local councils, museums, art galleries, NHS, banks and shops. Some of our groups have worked with HSBC bank and reviewed a John Lewis store for example.

What does being a member of a group involve?

  • attend meetings - currently virtual  (by video or phone).
  • each meeting lasts for about 1  hour.
  • discuss a range of topics that will  make a difference to people affected by dementia through the work of of Alzheimer's Society's and other organisations.
  • sharing experiences, insights and ideas to help improve services and products.

Are there particular skills or knowledge required to join a group?

No, you do not need any particular skills or knowledge. We are looking for people living with dementia from all backgrounds because you have valuable experiences we can learn from. We welcome and encourage anyone living with dementia who wants to make a difference to join.

Is joining a group right for you?

It would suit you if you:

  • are happy to share your opinions and experiences.
  • like to meet new people.
  • want to make an impact on the wider community and help other people affected by dementia

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