Drug Discovery

scientist holding up test tube containing research drug

Alzheimer's Society's flagship Drug Discovery programme is an exciting new approach to developing treatments for dementia.

Our innovative approach means that new, better treatments could be available in half the time of a standard drug, bringing hope to people with dementia and their carers.

It takes about 20 years and millions of pounds to develop a new drug from scratch.

Drug Discovery focuses on 'drug repurposing', which takes drugs that are already being used to treat other conditions and tests their potential as a treatment for dementia.

Working with national dementia experts, we carried out a review of existing research that was published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery in October 2012. It identified five existing classes of drugs already in use for other conditions that show most potential for the treatment of dementia. The four most promising of these drug types are currently being tested, or soon to begin testing, in people with dementia in Phase IIb or Phase III clinical trials.

What research are we funding as part of Drug Discovery?

Clinical trials

Alzheimer's Society are currently funding several clinical trials to test existing drugs in people with dementia:

Studies investigating drugs for future clinical trials

How do I donate?

You can use our secure online form to donate to the Drug Discovery programme.

Our Ambassador, Fiona Phillips explains why the Drug Discovery programme is so important in this short video (duration 1:18)

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