Health and social care professionals

If you have been diagnosed with dementia, you are likely to see a range of health and social care professionals at different times. Although it may seem confusing to meet lots of different people, remember that these professionals provide important support and can help you to live well with dementia. 

You will probably see professionals in a range of places, including at the hospital. Some will be NHS health professionals, such as doctors or nurses. They often work alongside ‘allied’ health professionals, such as occupational therapists.

Others who may help you are social care professionals, such as social workers, arranged through your local council. You might also see other staff from a private business, or a voluntary organisation like Alzheimer’s Society or Age UK, such as a dementia adviser. 

Seeing a lot of professionals in different places can be confusing. This booklet explains who these professionals are, what they do and how they can help you. It does not cover every possible person you might see.
The following tips may be helpful for you.

  • Keep a note of who you have seen and the main things they have said. My visitor book from Alzheimer’s Society is a useful publication to record the health and social care professionals that visit you at home. You can download a copy of the book from
  • Ask someone to come along with you to appointments, if you can.
  • Keep copies of any letters you get from the hospital, your GP or any other health professional.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or ask anyone to explain anything again if you don’t understand.