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Council tax and dementia
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Useful organisations



entitledto offers online benefit calculators to help people work out what they can claim. The website also includes an A–Z of help pages on a wide variety of topics related to benefits.

Land & Property Services (LPS)

0300 200 7801 (rates and valuation helpline)
0300 200 7802 (housing benefit and rate relief helpline)

[email protected]
[email protected]


LPS can answer queries about rates in Northern Ireland, how to pay a rates bill or how to find out about the capital value of a property in Northern Ireland.

Local council

Website - England

Website - Wales

In England and Wales, your local council can give you information about council tax rates and how to pay. They can also advise on any discounts, disregards and exemptions you may be entitled to, and how to apply.

Valuation Tribunal for England

0303 445 8100

[email protected]


The Valuation Tribunal for England is funded by the government to handle council tax and rating appeals. It provides a free service and local hearings, and the members who hear appeals are trained volunteers.

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