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Christmas can be one of the most challenging times for people living with dementia and their loved ones. Over the 12 days of Christmas, we could receive over 1600 calls to our Dementia Support Line from people in distress.

Help us answer a cry for help this Christmas by supporting the 12 Days of Christmas Appeal. Your donation will stop dementia devastating the lives of families like Adrian’s.

Why your help is needed this Christmas

For many of the hundreds of thousands of people living with dementia in the UK, Christmas is the most difficult time of the year.

While most of us will be enjoying the lights, noise and hubbub, many people living with dementia will be feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Family gatherings can be deeply distressing when you don’t recognise your relatives or remember their names.

Hundreds of people with dementia and their loved ones will turn to our Dementia Support Line for help and hope this Christmas.

With your support, we can answer every cry for help, and make a life-changing difference over Christmas and beyond. Together we are help and hope for everyone living with dementia.

Answer a cry for help this Christmas