Dementia-friendly housing charter

Find out how organisations and people across the housing sector can make a real difference to people living with dementia.

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People with dementia face a range of challenges. These may include memory loss or difficulty communicating, mobility and navigation issues and other associated problems.

Across every part of the housing sector, organisations can make a valuable contribution to supporting people with dementia facing these challenges.

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What is the Dementia-friendly housing charter?

This Dementia-friendly housing charter seeks to make the housing sector aware of the challenges of living with dementia so that it can improve home environments for people with the condition.

Organisations are encouraged to improve existing action plans or develop new ones in order to future-proof their organisations and services, and sign up to deliver a number of the commitment statements within the charter.

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Who is it for?

The charter is aimed at the full range of professionals working in the housing sector, from planners and architects to landlords and developers, housing managers and handypersons.

It’s designed to help all professionals support people living with dementia in their homes and facilitate consistency and good practice.

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Further information

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