Dementia-friendly arts guide

Read our dementia-friendly arts guide to find out how cultural activities can be made welcoming for people with dementia.

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Most of us enjoy the opportunity to appreciate the world beyond our day-to-day existence – whether this is a visit to the theatre to see a play or a pantomime, or to catch a movie at our local cinema. Or it could be enjoying a spot of music at a concert venue or marvelling at works of art in an art gallery.

It would be unfair if just because someone has a dementia diagnosis, these cultural activities suddenly become off-limits.

We now have a valuable, practical guide that will help people in the arts sector ensure that’s not the case.

What is our Dementia-friendly arts guide?

Our Dementia-friendly arts guide is based on best practice examples of the work going on across the country to support people affected by dementia and using arts venues.

For arts venues of all sizes, our guide allows you to pick and choose, from practical guidance, how to create a dementia-friendly approach tailored to your organisation.

Three key areas are covered - community engagement, accessibility and programming. You’ll find signposts to key resources and publications, as well as a succinct evidence base your organisation can use to back your proposals to take on this work.

Who is it for?

The guide is for art venues of all sizes.

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