Together, we can make life better for people living with dementia.

Your kind donations ensure that Alzheimer’s Society can be there for every person affected by dementia. Your gift helps us to provide support, fund research and improve care. Together, we can end the devastation caused by dementia.

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Your donation could get us one step closer to a world where dementia no longer devastates lives.


Could help us continue to pressure the Government to provide quality, accessible and free care to people living with dementia


Could pay for a week of a PhD researcher's time in the lab. This will help us to step up research to discover new treatments or even a cure for dementia.


Could provide 252 people affected by dementia with instant support, through calling a Telephone Dementia Adviser.

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Research is hope

Alzheimer’s Society research has been truly revolutionary for over 30 years, enabling the first ever treatments to slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

Our research today will transform dementia diagnosis, treatment and care. But without your kind support this would not be possible.