Safeguarding people with dementia: Recognising adult abuse

People with dementia can be vulnerable to abuse for a number of different reasons. This booklet explains responsibilities for professional carers and safeguarding procedures.

This accessible and informative resource was revised and updated in line with the statutory provisions of the Care Act 2014. It provides clear practical guidance on identifying types of abuse and recognising the signs of abuse or neglect - including how and where it may occur. It is produced in association with Action on Elder Abuse.

It offers straightforward explanation on steps and actions to take including reporting procedures when someone with dementia appears at risk, or in the event of a concern. It also includes essential questions to consider when assessing risk and best practice recommendations. It gives all the information staff need to put learning into practice - recognising abuse and taking appropriate action.

This indispensable guide contains the following chapters:

  • What is dementia?
  • Abuse and people with dementia
  • Safeguarding people with dementia from abuse
  • How do we recognise abuse?
  • What action should be taken?
  • Where to go for support

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