Memories are made of this: Reminiscence activities for person-centred care

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Reminiscing and life history work can be a powerful way of communicating with a person with dementia. It can be the basis for enjoyable time spent together and a way for the person with dementia to feel empowered. This can contribute positively to their well-being.

This book provides a comprehensive range of ideas for reminiscence activities including specific suggestions of music and other resources. It includes useful introduction on reminiscence approaches, clear instructions, illustrations and case studies.

Practical advice is given on choosing appropriate activities for individual and group reminiscence and how these can help achieve learning outcomes related to person-centred care.

The book is structured as follows:

Part one: About person-centred care

  • Reminiscence and person-centred care
  • Using reminiscence-based approaches

Part two: Activities

  • Gathering personal memories
  • Memories of seasons
  • Memories of life years ago
  • Made do and mend memories

Part three: Useful information

  • Useful addresses
  • Building your own record collection
  • Useful reading
  • References
  • Templates

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