9 people with dementia to follow on Twitter

Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends, and make new ones. Here's a list of nine people to follow on Twitter that live well with dementia.

Twitter can be a great social network for people living with dementia.  

Each ‘tweet’ – which is a short message – has a specific character allowance. This type of bitesize information is ideal for people with shorter attention spans.

Tweets often include 'hashtags'. These are a helpful way to categorise popular topics and network with people. Some hashtags – such as #dementia, #alzheimers, or #DementiaFriendly – can be used to find other people affected by or interested in dementia. 

In no particular order, here are a few of our recommended people with dementia to follow on Twitter. Let us know of any other recommendations of who to follow in the comments!

1. Wendy Mitchell – @WendyPMitchell

Wendy is an author and a very active tweeter. She was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s disease, aged 58.

With a fantastic sense of humour, Wendy tweets about her everyday activities and uses Twitter to connect with people affected by dementia.

Wendy chats with people about her book and shares her thoughts about current dementia issues. 

She also has a blog where she writes about her day. 


A tweet from Wendy


2. Peter Berry – @PeterBe1130 

Peter was one of the stars of this year’s Channel 4 documentary, The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes.

He lives with young-onset dementia and tweets about cycling to improve his health and mood, events he’s attending, and video diaries about the day-to-day of living with Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Patrick Ettenes – @PEttenes 

Patrick is the founder of the LGBT Dementia Network and a public speaker about living with young-onset dementia at 35 years old. He also works with Alzheimer's Society on a range of projects.

He often tweets about his work on the Bring Dementia Out innovation, his travels, and lovely group selfies of the people he’s working and connecting with.

Patrick also retweets lots of positive LGBT messages and uses Twitter to reach out to others in the dementia community. 

4. Tracey Shorty – @TraceyShorty28 

Tracey is a retired NHS nurse who lives with Alzheimer’s disease and posterior cortical atrophy.

She often retweets things of interest from the dementia community and helpful tips from other people living with dementia.

Tracey also retweets a lot of funny pictures, so she’s definitely one to follow if you’re looking to put a bit of humour on your Twitter feed!

5. Tommy Dunne BEM – @TommyTommyTee18 

Tommy also has early-onset dementia, and tweets with a focus on living well with dementia. He often uses hashtags to share his experiences and connects with others to find peer support.

One of the things we love about Tommy’s Twitter is that he’s a fantastic storyteller, and tweets about his range of experiences living with Alzheimer’s disease. 


By telling our Personal stories we can inspire and provide hope during dark times for ourselves and others

Storytelling helps you find your voice, there is nothing better than telling your story and someone else who cares listens and benefits from it

— tommy dunne BEM (@TommyTommytee18) July 29, 2019

6. Hilary Doxford – @HilaryDoxford 

Hilary is a dementia advocate, campaigner, and dog lover. She tweets about her work with the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group, dementia research and calls for the government to improve social care.

She also uses Twitter to connect with others in the dementia community and shares lovely pictures of the wildlife in her garden. 

I wrote this a while ago, shame on our government, still nothing changes. But we won't give up seeking what is right fair and just for those I admire most - those special people who unselfishly struggle day in and out caring for those they love with dementia - thankyou @3NDWG https://t.co/VfRp04zNjU

— Hilary Doxford (@HilaryDoxford) June 8, 2019

7. Carol Dyce – @CasDyce1957 

Carol lives with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and tweets with lots of helpful tips about how she manages day-to-day challenges of dementia, which she calls ‘Dementia Strategies’.

She tweets honestly about the good days and the bad ones, and sources help from people on Twitter. 

DementiaStrategies: I hang on a coat hanger a top + trousers together so I don’t “dither” about what to wear in the morning. I find it difficult to make decisions.

— 💖Carol💖 (@casdyce1957) June 23, 2019

8. Chris Roberts – @mason4233 

Chris is one of the Society's Ambassadors, co-founder of the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group and lives with young onset vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

He retweets a lot of helpful information and developments in dementia care and research, new technology and events he attends.

Chris also uses Twitter to connect with his friends in the dementia sphere and talk up his fantastic wife, @jaynegoodrick, who is also very active in the community!  

9. Teresa Davies – @DoryItsMe 

Teresa, who goes by the name ‘Dory’, is a mother and grandmother who lives with Alzheimer’s disease.

She tweets about her work with the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP), retweets stories and useful information from other members of the dementia community, and is a powerful advocate for dementia voice and inclusion.

Dory also embraces ‘positive risk-taking’ in living with dementia to stay active and independent. 

I am also very grateful that I live alone ,as I dont think I would be allowed to do most of the things I do .I am having a life 😇

— TERESA DAVIES (@doryitsme) August 1, 2019
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