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Christmas gift ideas for people with dementia

Not sure what to buy for somebody who is living with dementia? Read our guide to the best Christmas gifts in our online shop.

When you buy a Christmas gift from our online shop, you’re helping to make a difference to the lives of people living with dementia.

100% of profits from our online shop go towards our work supporting people affected by dementia. So, whether you're buying for somebody living with the condition or other family and friends, your purchase can support all those who need our help.

Read our top present ideas below, and buy a gift with a difference this Christmas

  1. Top gifts for people living with dementia
  2. Top stocking fillers
  3. Top gifts for somebody special
  4. Cards, wrapping paper and Christmas essentials

Top gifts for people living with dementia

Relish Radio and Music Player

Woman sitting on the sofa leaning over to change the station on the relish radio

The Relish Radio and Music Player is guaranteed to get the feet tapping and hands clapping this Christmas!

It has been designed to enable people living with dementia to listen to the music that they want independently. With three buttons to pre-set to your favourite stations, and a fourth for your own music and playlists.

Music can have an amazing impact on people living with dementia, and this easy music player helps make sure people living with dementia can continue to listen to their favourite tunes at Christmas and all year round.

All About Us - Game

Two women smiling while playing the all about us game

Developed for people with dementia, this brand-new life-storytelling board game uses conversation as a way of exploring your life from childhood through to the present.

It invites you to think and talk about who you are, your experiences, feelings and values and what you have done and want to do.

The game supports those all-important feelings of identity, independence and sense of purpose, while building closer relationships.

Each player takes a turn by throwing the dice, moving the counter, and selecting a card, to read out and answer a question card about their life experiences.

Divided into the decades of life, players answer questions that provide conversation starters about memories, favourite activities, the people in their lives, personal skills, likes and values, dreams and wishes.

Rosebud Reminder Clock

Image of Rosebud reminder clock displaying the words 'It's now Thursday afternoon'

Developed with input from people living with dementia and their carers, the Rosebud Reminder Clock is a simple prompt for people living with dementia.

With four display screen options and 17 in-built alarms, the clock can be programmed to remind the person about regular tasks that happen each day. It helps relieve stress and anxiety that builds up for some when unknown events occur.

Bathing Birds 35 piece jigsaw

puzzle with birds in a bath

Our charming 35 piece Bathing birds jigsaw puzzle makes a great Christmas gift for any nature enthusiast or gardener.

Featuring a beautiful illustration of garden birds drinking and splashing about in a bird bath within a pretty cottage garden, this familiar and reassuring image will stimulate recognition, happy memories and conversation.  

The size and shape of each piece, the specific colours and unique backing board system have all been carefully designed and tested to help users of all abilities complete the puzzles unassisted, providing just the right balance of challenge, interest and engagement.

Tilt-to-pour kettle Red & White

woman smiling while pouring water into a mug

Lightweight and easy to use, the Uccello tilt-to-pour kettle is the perfect gift for your loved one to enable them to make hot drinks independently and safely at any time during the chilly winter months.  

Its bright and cheerful festive red and white is ideal for those with visual impairment or who are living with dementia.

The Uccello kettle has been specifically designed for people with limited reach, mobility, dexterity and strength and its rotating cradle with tilt-to-pour action eliminates any lifting, straining or balance and aim issues when pouring hot water.

Mind Games (a new book of puzzles)

A book of mind games by Tim Beanland of Alzheimer's Society

Written by Dr. Tim Beanland, Head of Knowledge at Alzheimer's Society, Mind Games makes a superb gift for puzzlers and game lovers alike.

Featuring a comprehensive range of 150 puzzles, Mind Games allows you and your loved ones to promote mental agility, challenge memory and sharpen skills with pictures, words, numbers and logic. 

Dr. Tim provides expert insights into the science of brain health and the benefits of regular mental exercise.

Mind Games targets different areas of the brain and improves cognition, offering a workout for a wide range of brain functions. With regular practice, puzzles help to improve brain function and prevent age-related cognitive decline. 

Also included is a 7-day programme, plus practical tips and advice to keep your mind active and engaged.

Top stocking fillers

A little book of garden bird songs

book titled 'the little book of garden song birds' with small speaker and images of different birds

An illustrated book featuring live recordings of some of the UK’s favourite birds. Reconnect with nature and recollect the beauty of bird song with a series of stunning dementia friendly sound books.

These easy to read and beautifully illustrated books include live recordings of some of the UK’s favourite birds. A terrific trigger to help people with dementia and disabling memory loss recall and enjoy the sounds of the natural world.

The range of sound books come with beautifully curated, prolonged sound recordings to help identify the birds.

In addition to the easy-to-use sound bar, there is a general introduction to each bird that highlights its key characteristics, accompanied by an informative data profile and some surprising facts.

Also available in a Welsh language edition.

Animal snap cards and card holders

green cards with animals on them

Why not give our colourful and engaging Animal Snap together with this lightweight card holder and make someone’s Christmas morning with these perfectly paired stocking fillers! 

The Animal Snap card game is a set of bright, clearly illustrated 48 cards that can be grouped into different families, providing cognitive stimulation while the easy-to-use card holder is great for those with poor grip and can hold up to 14 cards.

Memory calendar 2024

Val Horncastle, who had dementia for the last seven years of her life, developed the idea of the Memory Calendar with her husband Keith.

Val wanted to know not just the day and date but also why the particular day was important to her.

Watch this video to hear their story in full. Keith Horncastle explains the development of the Memory Calendar and how important it is for those living with dementia.

Our successful Memory calendar makes a thoughtful and practical Christmas gift as your loved ones go forward into the New Year.

With a page per day showing the day’s date and ample space for personal reminders and notes, it allows the owner to record what is important to them on any particular day. 

With large, user-friendly type, the Memory calendar 2024 is strong and self-supporting, can be laid flat or even carried in a bag.

Forget-me-not candle 

Anyone would be delighted to find our beautifully scented, exclusive forget-me-not candle peeking out of their Christmas stocking.  

Inspired by the loveliness of forget-me-not flowers and made with a blend of soy, rapeseed, coconut and bees’ waxes, our custom-made candle has the delicate fragrance of rose, lily, freesias and fresh linen.

Robin sculpture

Bring someone you love festive joy this Christmas and lasting pleasure all year round with this bright and colourful robin! 

Made from recycled metal factory offcuts, this robust, cheerful chap can sit outside in the garden through all seasons and is equally happy inside, perched in the conservatory or on an indoor windowsill.

Forget-me-not seedball box 

This sweet matchbox containing forget-me-not seed balls makes a delightful stocking filler for family and friends alike so that they can enjoy the delicate beauty of forget-me-not flowers in the New Year. 

The seeds are held in clay, peat-free compost and chilli powder, which protects them from birds and insects.

Best planted in spring or summer, the seeds will germinate with water. Shoots can be seen within 2-4 weeks, but will also bloom the following year, bringing lasting pleasure to the garden.

Top gifts for somebody special

Forget-me-not gifts

box containing pieces to make a mosaic next to a completed Forget-me-not mosaic

Forget-me-not mosaic kit

Show someone you love them this Christmas with this lovely beginners forget-me-not heart mosaic kit with abstract forget-me-nots.

Fun and easy to make yourself or with a loved one, it makes a thoughtful festive gift, either ready-made by you or for someone to enjoy making themselves.

Perfect to hang as a pretty decoration at Christmas or any time of year and in any room of the house. 

Full step by step instructions with pictures are included in the packaging along with a tutorial video link which demonstrates the entire making process from start to finish. 

Forget-me-not mug

Our Forget-me-not fine bone china mug is delicately decorated with beautiful forget-me-not flowers. We also have a two-handled fine bone china mug, for those who need a little extra stability.

Welsh Connection, a small ceramic and homeware design company based in South Wales, have worked closely with us to create our fabulous Forget-me-not range of ceramics, available exclusively from us and on Welsh Connection’s website.

Forget-me-not bauble

People with dementia may experience memory loss, among other symptoms. This makes the forget-me-not the perfect flower to represent our cause.

Add the forget-me-not to your tree with our lovely ceramic bauble or give to someone as a gift.

Forget-me-not silver bead bracelet

Spoil someone special this Christmas with our beautiful silver bead forget-me-not bracelet. 

This lovely bracelet is made using real forget-me not flowers that have been expertly cultivated, briefly dried, then set in resin and sterling silver to be cherished for years to come. 

Featuring a sweet teardrop forget-me-not charm and small sterling silver heart, the bracelet is elasticated to fit any wrist size. 

Radio-controlled talking watch 

a person's arms with a watch on

This talking watch would make a great gift for people with poor vision or dementia.

Press a button and this watch will speak the time in a clear voice. This highly accurate, radio-controlled watch automatically changes in accordance with Daylight Saving Time. 

The expandable bracelet is also ideal for those with dexterity issues. 

Anytime treats hamper

A stack of drinks and snacks

Celebrate the festive season with alcohol-free pudding, chocolate orange biscuits, chocolate decadence slice, chocolate buttons, mince pies, gouda biscuits, maple glazed ham crisps and elderflower lemonade.

Cards, wrapping paper and Christmas essentials

As well as gifts galore, our online shop is packed with all your Christmas essentials. From gift-wrap and tags, to Christmas crackers, cards and more.

We have many different Christmas cards and essentials in our shop, but here are some of our favourites.

White and gold christmas crackers with a mistletoe design

Our gift guide was updated in October 2023. All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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I read in the Dementia Guide about locator devices. My Brother-in-law is regularly putting his keys, "Puffa"(angina) and wallet down and forgetting where and getting very agitated because he cannot trace them.Apparently it is a small tag one can attach to the items and the locator can be clicked on and will bleep which will aid in finding the lost item. I would like to purchase this useful help , could you be so kind as to give me further details of where I can buy this locator and tags. pleasae help, would be most grateful, thank youi.
I have just come across this page while looking for ideas for a gift for a friend who's father has vascular dementia and saw your comment. If your brother-in-law uses an iPhone then an Apple AirTag might be worth looking at: https://www.apple.com/uk/airtag/ Alternatively you can get tags from "Tile" https://uk.tile.com/en or Samsung Galaxy SmartTag https://www.samsung.com/uk/mobile-accessories/galaxy-smarttag-black-ei-…
Any suggestions for a cup that doesn’t spill when dropped or turned upside down ?
Hello, I have bought a few items like this from the Parkinson's shop for my dad. They have some great products to prevent spills etc...
Tervis brand tumblers - also have coffee 'mugs' with handles - lids stay on tight
Hello. I have a friend with dementia. She keeps going off for a walk but forgets where she lives. Her husband follows her in the car but finds it difficult as he's a lot older. Is there a tracking device available please thanks julie
You can get an apple air tag which is good if you have/can use an iPhone. Alternatively you can look for a dog gps tracker on amazon. This is something I plan to do with my mum who has dementia. Obviously it relies on you being fairly tech savvy but you could always go into apple and have them help you set it up. sending love x
We bought my wife one of the more expensive cats, which purrs, miaows and moves a little. She is besotted with it!!
Can you please recommend a very simple mobile phone for someone with dementia and also sight loss?

Hi Sush, 

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

The Doro is one of the most popular phones, just allowing 3 contacts to be stored: https://shop.alzheimers.org.uk/collections/telephones/products/doro-780x-mobile-phone?variant=42367219007642

Another option is the Emporia, a smart phone that comes with a cover that can simplify calling and usage, but has lovely clear pictures and typeface: https://shop.alzheimers.org.uk/collections/telephones/products/emporia-smart-5-phone

However, all of the phones on our site have been built to consider people with dementia and low vision. You can look at all of the phones on our site here: https://shop.alzheimers.org.uk/collections/telephones

If you have any further questions, please all our Dementia Connect support line on 0333 150 3456.

We hope this helps,
Alzheimer's Society blog team

This is a wonderful web site. Thank you for all the information.