All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia (APPG) is a cross party group made up of MPs and Peers with an interest in dementia.

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The APPG is run in partnership with Alzheimer's Society, which provides administrative support and expert advice to the group.

Its aim is to influence legislation and policy making in order to improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

The Group meets several times a year and uses each meeting to focus on specific issues affecting people with dementia. It also conducts inquiries on issues that affect people living with dementia, and last year the focus was on dementia and co-morbidities.

APPG Officers

Co-Chairs: Debbie Abrahams MP and Baroness Sally Greengross

Vice-Chairs: Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick, Dr James Davies MP, Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Elliot Colburn MP, Jeremy Wright MP, Judith Cummins MP, Marie Rimmer MP, Mark Menzies MP, Simon Baynes MP. 

Fuelling the Moonshot: New APPG report into dementia research  

Throughout the summer, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia undertook an inquiry into dementia research in the UK and the Government‚Äôs commitment to implement a ‚ÄėDementia Moonshot‚Äô. 

During this inquiry, the APPG took written evidence from academics, research institutions, and people affected by dementia. The Group also held four oral evidence sessions, where they heard from world-leading researchers, charities, participants in research, and people with lived experience of dementia.

Following the inquiry, the APPG has now published a report on their findings. The report, Fuelling the Moonshotinvestigates the current state of dementia research in the UK, highlights areas where the UK is leading the field in dementia research, makes the case for the Government to bring forward the 'Dementia Moonshot' funding, and makes recommendations on how this extra funding could best be utilised. 

Fuelling the Moonshot

Read the new 40-page PDF report online or download a copy.

Read the report

To find out more about the report please send an email to [email protected]

Fuelling the Moonshot - Oral Evidence Sessions

Session 1 - 14 April 2021

During this first session of the APPG on Dementia's inquiry into the current state of dementia research, and the Government's commitment to double dementia research funding, we heard from: 

- David Thomas, Head of Policy at Alzheimer's Research UK 
- Prof Bart De Strooper, Director at UK Dementia Research Institute
- Prof Martin Rossor, National Dementia Director at NIHR
- Jane Ward, Alzheimer's Society Research Network Volunteer

You can watch a video of this session here. 

You can read a summary of the session here. 

Session 2 - 29 April 2021

During this second session of the APPG, the discussion focussed on the use of technology, care research and advancements in diagnosis, and how these areas could be better supported by the implementation of the Dementia Moonshot funding. 

The Group heard from: 

- Prof Dame Louise Robinson, Professor of Primary Care and Ageing at Newcastle University
- Prof John O'Brien, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge
- Prof David Sharp, Centre Director of UK DRI Care Research & Technology
- Fiona Carragher, Director of Research & Influencing at Alzheimer's Society 

You can watch a video of this session here. 

Session 3 - 20 May 2021

During this session, the APPG investigated the field of prevention research, including within sport. The Group discussed the priority areas for this research and where there are cases of best practice, that could be replicated. 

During this session the Group will hope to hear from: 

- Dr Willie Stewart, Consultant Neuropathologist, Queen Elizabeth University     Hospital, Glasgow. 

- Prof Gill Livingston, Professor of Psychiatry of Older People, UCL. 

- Prof Craig Ritchie, Professor of the Psychiatry of Ageing, University of                 Edinburgh & Director of the Centre for Dementia Prevention.

-Ben Kay, former professional rugby player, commentator and participant in    the PREVENT research program. 

You can watch a video of this session here. 

Session 4 - 8 June 2021

During this session, the APPG investigated the future of dementia research in the UK, including the experiences of early career researchers. 

During this session the Group heard from: 

- Professor Selina Wray, Professor of Molecular Neuroscience at UCL
- Jennifer Bute, Former GP living with dementia, and an Alzheimer’s Society Research Network Volunteer
- Dr Sarah Ryan, Alzheimer‚Äôs Society Junior Fellow, University of Manchester. 
- Dr Paresh Malhotra, Clinical Reader in the Division of Brain Sciences and Consultant Neurologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

You can watch a video of the session here. 

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