Dementia-friendly media and broadcasting

Read information and download our guide for tips on best practice to make sure dementia is accurately and fairly reported in the media.

Why it matters

How dementia is portrayed in the media, arts and popular culture can have a huge impact on public attitudes towards the condition. So it's vital that journalists and broadcasters are fair and well-informed when dealing with stories around dementia.

To help with this we've created a dementia friendly media toolkit, consulting with people affected by dementia and representatives across the Media industry.

What's in the toolkit?

  • views of people with dementia on how dementia is portrayed in the media
  • tips on how to interview someone with dementia
  • language to use and avoid when talking about dementia
  • guidance on how to portray dementia in documentaries, drama and comedies
  • how Alzheimer’s Society can support the media
  • information and statistics about dementia
  • examples of good and bad practice.
Dementia-friendly media toolkit

This free resource is full of tips and advice for all organisations in the industry

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