Our Research Network volunteers

Research is not just for researchers. Your personal experience of dementia is invaluable. Join our Research Network to make research relevant and impactful for all those living with dementia today and in the future.

Who are our volunteers?

Our Research Network volunteers all have personal experience of dementia - living with the condition or as a carer or former carer.

They have been working in partnership with the society and researchers across the UK for 20 years to ensure that research is relevant, credible and has an impact for everyone affected by dementia. 

Become a Research Network volunteer

Anyone with personal experience of dementia can volunteer. No scientific knowledge or research experience is needed. Got a question about volunteering? Email our team or call 02074233563.

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How can you support dementia research?

Anyone with personal experience of dementia can volunteer.  Our passionate and dedicated volunteers:

  • Help us to make decisions about the research we fund 
  • Monitor the progress of our projects
  • Support researchers in every stage of their work from developing grant applications through to sharing the results of their work

and much, much more.

I'm a researcher and would like to work with people affected by dementia

If you are a dementia researcher funded by Alzheimer's Society, please contact our team.

However, if you are funded by another organisation, find out more about public involvement support through our Research partnerships programme

Seeing the impact

We have always been aware that researchers and volunteers value and enjoy collaborating together to drive forward dementia research. Find out more in the full report.

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