Grant Advisory Boards

See who makes up our Grant Advisory Boards and learn how they advise on the research we fund.

The Grant Advisory Boards are made up of leading experts in research and are in place to provide advice to the Society on decisions relating to the funding and management of our research projects.

The current membership of each board is listed below.

New board members needed

Our Grant Advisory Board members operate on a 3 year term (with the option to renew for a further three years).

We aim for an annual turnover of our Board members of approximately 25%.

Become a Board Member

If you are interested in joining one of our Boards, please download and complete an expression of interest form, or email our team for further information. 

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Biomedical grant advisory board

  • Professor Paul Ince (Chair), University of Sheffield
  • Professor David Attwell, University College London
  • Professor David Brough, University of Manchester 
  • Dr Liz Coulthard, University of Bristol
  • Professor Paul Francis, University of Exeter
  • Dr Atticus Hainsworth, St George's University of London
  • Dr Jenni Harvey, University of Dundee
  • Professor Karl Herholz, University of Manchester
  • Professor Clare MacKay, University of Oxford
  • Dr Paresh Malhotra, Imperial College London
  • Dr Bernadette McGuinness, Queen's University Belfast
  • Professor Jonathan Mill, University of Exeter
  • Professor Amrit Mudher, University of Southampton
  • Dr Jennifer Pocock, University College London
  • Professor John Potter, University of East Anglia 
  • Dr Rebecca Sims, Cardiff University 
  • Professor Andrea Tales, Swansea University 

Care, implementation and public health grant advisory board

  • Professor Steve Iliffe (Co-chair), University College London (Emeritus)
  • Professor Ruth Boaden (Co-chair), University of Manchester Business School
  • Professor Louise Allan, Univesrity of Exeter
  • Professor Frances Bunn, University of Hertfordshire
  • Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo, University of Bristol 
  • Professor Richard Cheston, University of the West of England
  • Professor Martin Knapp, London School of Economics
  • Professor Iracema Leroi, Trinity College Dublin
  • Professor Christine Milligan, Lancaster University 
  • Jo Moriaty, King's College London
  • Dr Terence Quinn, Glasgow University 
  • Alison Rogan, Hornsey Consulting Ltd. 
  • Dr Liz Sampson, University College London
  • Professor Claire Surr, Leeds Beckett University
  • Dr Charlotte Warren-Gash, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
  • Professor Bob Woods, Bangor University

In order to maintain our position as a transparent funder and to protect our GAB members from accusations of bias, we have a conflict of interest policy.

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