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Research is not just for researchers. Volunteer with our Research Network and use your personal experience of dementia to drive research forward.

Who are our volunteers?

All of our Research Network volunteers have a personal connection to dementia - as carers, former carers, or they're living with dementia.

For 20 years, our Research Network volunteers' experience has helped to ensure our research is relevant, credible and can transform the lives of everyone affected by dementia.

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Anyone over the age of 18 with a personal experience of dementia can volunteer. No scientific knowledge or research experience is needed.

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Colman shares why your experience of dementia is invaluable:

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What will I be doing?

Volunteering for our Research Network is a great way to ensure the real needs and concerns of people with dementia and their carers are addressed.

Hundreds of researchers apply to the Alzheimer's Society research funding programme each year.  We want to fund the best science but also research that is most relevant to people affected by dementia.

Every single funding application is reviewed by experts in the field and our Research Network volunteers - with a direct experience of dementia.

Download the full details of this volunteering role. 

Other opportunities to support dementia research

Alongside helping us to decide what research we fund, as a Network volunteer you could also be involved in: 

  • Helping to decide our research priorities
  • Sitting on a grant funding panel
  • Monitoring ongoing projects and helping share the results
  • Working alongside researchers to develop their research proposal
  • Speaking about research and acting as an ambassador for the Society.

If you're a dementia researcher and would like to work with people affected by dementia, you may be interested in our Research Partnerships programme. 

Any questions?

If you have any queries about the Network, please email our team or call 0207 423 3563.

Become a Research Network volunteer

No qualifications or scientific knowledge is needed. If you have personal experience of dementia as a carer, former carer or person with dementia, you can help and support our research. Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up. 

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