Wales champions ‘Severely Mentally Impaired’ £400 a year council tax discount, while 100,000s people in the rest of GB left in the dark

The Welsh Government is set to announce significant changes so that a long-standing council tax reduction in Great Britain is no longer hidden for people diagnosed as ‘Severely Mentally Impaired’ (SMI).

The announcement, responding to a campaign by the UK’s biggest consumer website (MSE), will ensure some with conditions such as dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease), are told that they may be due £1,000s in rebates.

Sally Copley, Director of Policy, Campaigns and Partnerships, said:

‘This will be welcome news to the 45,000 people living with dementia in Wales, but what about the people in England and Scotland?

‘Dementia is a devastating condition, with the average person spending £100,000 to cover their care. As it stands, people with severe dementia are eligible for discounts or even exemptions on their council tax, but we know from talking to people with dementia that they often aren’t aware of these crucial entitlements.

'It’s criminal that people with dementia aren’t getting the financial help they are entitled to. We echo Martin Lewis’ call for this discount to be backdated and for all local authorities to ensure there’s a clear and consistent process going forwards. No person with dementia should be losing out because of their postcode.’


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