Resources for creating dementia-friendly communities

Resources for Communities

How to set up a Local Dementia Action Alliance

For advice on setting up a Local Dementia Action Alliance visit the Dementia Action Alliance website and download the toolkit

Dementia Friendly Communities leaflet

Leaflet providing guidance on how you can work towards creating a Dementia Friendly Community.

Dementia-friendly Yorkshire: First steps on the journey

The Dementia-friendly Yorkshire collection contains 20 examples of inspiring grassroots dementia-friendly projects transforming communities across Yorkshire.  

A Guide for MPs and Councillors to create dementia-friendly communities in England

The Guide for MPs and Councillors explains what MPs and Councillors can do to create dementia-friendly communities in their local areas.  

Local Government Association Toolkit for local authorities

The Ageing Well programme worked with Innovations in Dementia to produce the publication Developing dementia-friendly communities: Learning and guidance for local authorities. This guide includes details of the work undertaken in Sheffield and Hampshire, tips and ideas, and a useful toolkit for councils to make their areas better places to live for people with dementia. 

The Dementia Friendly Technology Charter

The charter gives people with dementia and their carers information on how to access technology. It also provides guidance to health, housing and social care professionals on how to make technology work for people based on their individual needs.

Becoming a Dementia Friendly Arts Venue

A guide for arts venue managers and staff on making the environment, facilities and programming of arts venues accessible to people with dementia, families and carers.