When does the NHS pay for care?

This booklet explains what NHS continuing healthcare is, who can get it, how assessments are carried out, and what to do if it is not awarded.

The information in this booklet applies to people living in England who need long-term support from the NHS and/or social services because of dementia.

We also have information about this online - see our page What is NHS continuing healthcare? which includes top tips on preparing your case for the NHS.

The booklet contains the sections listed below:

  • What is NHS continuing healthcare who can get it?
  • Assessments for NHS continuing healthcare
  • Appealing against decisions and the complaints procedure
  • Appendix 1 Some commonly asked questions
  • Appendix 2 Getting access to a person's notes 
  • Appendix 3 Examples of case law 
  • Appendix 4 Further information and support including NHS continuing healthcare in Wales and Northern Ireland
  • References
  • Further reading

Code 813

2017, 48 pages, A4

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