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What can we learn from cancer?
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A look at how cancer care has improved dramatically over the last 50 years and what we can learn from this to drive forward breakthroughs for dementia.

Recorded: 10 June 2021
Speakers: Professor Dame Louise Robinson - leader of the Centre of Excellence on Dementia at the University of Newcastle, Michael Andrews - person living with dementia and cancer, Dr Richard Oakley - Head of Research, Charlotte Matier - Director of Development.
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Turning the page on social care
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The social care system is precarious, fragmented and often fails to support people affected by dementia. These problems have been further exposed during the pandemic, with devastating consequences for families. Find out what we can learn from the coronavirus crisis and why we must all unite to build an accessible, high-quality, and affordable care system.

Recorded: 5 February 2021 
Guest speakers: Enomwoyi Damali – Carer, Richard Sloggett - Founder and Programme Director, Future Health Research 
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Inclusion - Make it your business
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Did you know that dementia inclusive businesses are more likely to be commercially successful? And that dementia inclusion means inclusion for everyone? In this session, our panel share some of the barriers experienced by people living with dementia in their communities, including practical steps businesses can take to be more inclusive.

Recorded: 20 November 2020 
Guest speakers: Jim Ibell - Ambassador, Elisa Moscolin- Head of Sustainability at Santander.
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The power of sport
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Our panel explain the power of sport for people affected by dementia and share plans for our Sports United Against Dementia campaign.

Recorded: 22 October 2020 
Guest speakers: Peter and Teresa Berry - Dementia Voice volunteers, Mike Salla - Director of Health and Sport at Everton in the community, Richard Thompson - Ambassador 
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Exploring how to minimise your dementia risk
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New research partly funded by Alzheimer’s Society has revealed that up to 40 per cent of dementia cases can be prevented. Our expert panel will outline what we know about prevention, including the proactive steps we can all take to lower our risk of developing dementia.

Recorded: 1 September 2020 
Guest speakers: Professor Gill Livingston - Lead researcher on the Lancet Commission, Arlene Phillips CBE - Ambassador
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Can dementia research tackle social isolation?
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Loneliness can be as damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. For people living with dementia, this risk is heightened, with social isolation having a devastating impact on both physical health and mental wellbeing.

Research funded by Alzheimer’s Society supporters is leading the way in reducing social isolation for people with dementia and their carers right now, while paving the way to a better quality of life in the future.

Recorded: 30 July 2020 
Speakers: Simon Lord - Innovation Programme Manager, Prof. Christina Victor - Alzheimer's Society's Centre of Excellence
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Experiencing dementia in South Asian communities
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An overview of the impact that dementia has on South Asian communities and how the coronavirus crisis has disproportionately affected people from a Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) background.

Recorded: 9 July 2020 
Speakers: Shuhala Abbas - Dementia Support Worker, Meera Syal CBE - Ambassador 
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The voices at the centre of the coronavirus crisis 
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People affected by dementia explain the devastating impact lockdown is having on their lives.

Recorded: 4 June 2020 
Guest speakers: Chris Roberts and Jayne Goodrick - Ambassadors, Trevor Salomon- Carers Advisory Panel
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On the frontline
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Alzheimer’s Society frontline staff share insights into the work they are doing to provide a lifeline for people affected by dementia during the coronavirus crisis.

Recorded: 11 May 2020 
Speakers: Helen Foster - Director of Operations, Charlotte Matier - Director of Development, Helen Payton - Dementia Support Worker, Serena Snoad - Online Community Manager
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In conversation with Kate Lee
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Chief Executive Kate Lee, and Director of Operations Helen Foster, outline Alzheimer’s Society’s plans to be there for everyone affected by dementia during the coronavirus crisis.

Recorded: 16 April 2020 
Speakers: Helen Foster - Director of Operations, Kate Lee - CEO, Charlotte Matier - Director of Development
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