Heroes on the Horizon: Unlocking a Revolution in Dementia Research

At the 2024 Annual Lecture, learn how innovative approaches to funding build a thriving research ecosystem and lay the groundwork for future breakthroughs

Royal Society of Chemistry

Looking back

2023 was a year of historic discoveries in the field of dementia research, thanks to supporters like you driving progress at every step. The first ever disease-modifying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease have been approved for use in the US, and we are closer than ever to unlocking early diagnosis with a simple blood test.

Behind these headline-grabbing milestones are committed researchers who dedicate their careers to tackling the key challenges of dementia, each generation empowering the next to make new breakthroughs. As the pace of progress accelerates, it’s more important than ever that funding models for dementia research keep up.

Keynote speaker - Dr. Amanda Heslegrave

Amanda Heselgrave

What to expect

Dr. Amanda Heslegrave will present her work at the UK Dementia Research Institute Biomarker Factory. Currently only 2% of people in the UK who could benefit from new treatments are diagnosed early enough for these treatments to be effective- Dr Heslegrave’s work focusses on developing diagnostic blood tests to change this. 

We will also hear from an Early Career Researcher, as well as Dementia Research leader Dr. Kamen Tsvetanov about how the human brain ages and what this could mean for future dementia treatments.

Finally, a panel discussion on the topic ‘Are we ready for disease-modifying treatments?’ will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with all guests.