What is the Forget me not Appeal? 

The Forget me not Appeal is Alzheimer's Society's annual, flagship appeal. Its purpose is to create a special moment each year, when everyone comes together to honour and remember people affected by dementia.

Why should I wear a Forget me not badge?

The Forget me not badge is the emotional centrepiece of the campaign. It serves to recognise this moment of coming together. You could wear your badge in honour of a loved one, in someone’s memory or in support of everyone living with dementia. Whoever you wear your badge for, you will be showing everyone how vital it is that dementia receives the attention it deserves.

How can I get my badge?

This year's Appeal has now finished, and we hope you will join us again in 2025 to wear your badge and show your support for everyone affected by dementia.

Other ways to support the appeal

There are many ways that you can further support the Appeal. For example you can:

  • Sign up as a collector in your local area. By giving just a few hours of your time to collect donations, you can make a life-changing difference.
  • Visit the Forget me not shop and check out our fantastic selection of gifts.
  • Share pictures wearing your badge on social media to help raise awareness of the appeal, and send a message to everyone affected by dementia that they have not been forgotten.

Why your support matters

The Forget me not Appeal is a way to raise funds to help run crucial services, like Dementia Advisers who offer friendly, expert support over the phone and in-person. It helps fund life-changing research and fight stigma, which is so important.

But it’s more than that – it’s an opportunity for us all to come together as a community and show everyone affected by dementia that they’re not alone. That’s why, when you give, we’ll send you a Forget me not badge for you to wear this May.

Dame Judi Dench supports our Forget Me Not Appeal

Wear your badge and stand with people affected by dementia

Having seen the impact of dementia on people around me, I’m sadly all too aware of how painful, cruel and unforgiving this condition can be. 

I’m proud to wear my Forget Me Not badge and support people affected by dementia
Dame Judi Dench