Personal Choice Programme

Alzheimer’s Society personalisation programme is working to ensure people with dementia have choice and control over their own care and support.

Dementia Support Officer speaking to two people

The Personal Choice programme highlights the importance of personalisation and how having choice and control over your own care and support can help people with dementia to live well.

We are working towards:

  1. All people affected by dementia having personal choice and control over their health and wellbeing from diagnosis to end of life. 
  2. Ensuring the legal right to self-directed support and personal wellbeing is understood and available to all people affected by dementia.
  3. Making all forms of personal budget dementia friendly.
  4. Alzheimer’s Society recognised as a global innovator and leader in personalisation and dementia.

We will do this by ensuring:

  1. We have the knowledge, drive, resources, and services to genuinely put the needs, preferences and ambitions of those we support at the heart of all that we do.
  2. Health and Social care leaders, managers and front line staff make personal budgets truly person-centred and accessible to all eligible people with dementia.
  3. People with dementia, carers and professionals work together as equals to achieve the behavioural, cultural and systemic changes needed to personalise the dementia landscape
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