Know your rights

Choice and control are a legal right. Find out what we're doing to inform people affected by dementia about their rights.

Following the Care Act 2014, personalisation is a key part of the social care agenda. It has been hailed as 'the most significant piece of legislation in the social care sector since the establishment of the welfare state' by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

Personalisation is the concept of increased choice and control for people receiving care and support, which forms the backbone of the Care Act. We believe this is a real step in the right direction, but too often the reality is falling short of the expectation for many people with dementia. For it to make a real difference, people need to understand their rights and how to enforce them. 

Through our communications and front line services we'll inform people affected by dementia about their rights and arm people with knowledge so they can take control of their care and support, knowing what they are entitled to ask for.

Working alongside people affected by dementia

We inspire people and raise expectations to new opportunities that personalisation can bring. By providing knowledge as early as possible of what should happen throughout the care and support process, people can plan ahead and aspire to live the life they want for longer.

We recognise the importance of working alongside people with lived experience of dementia and bringing their real life experiences to wider attention. We provide a platform for people to communicate the impact that personalisation has on their lives, as well as expose where the system sometimes gets in the way.

The Personal Choice programme have developed workshops for both staff and carers to inform people why personalisation is so important and how to make it a reality for people affected by dementia. Each day this will bring us closer to our mission that all people affected by dementia have personal choice and control over their health and wellbeing from diagnosis to end of life.