What is the advert about?

The advert portrays the way in which dementia devastates the lives of those living with the condition and their loved ones.

This moving portrayal offers a glimpse into the lives of so many experiencing what’s often referred to as the ‘Long Goodbye’ – a sense of anticipatory grief that is commonly associated with dementia and highlights just how devastating it can be. This is a reality of dementia we hear so often at Alzheimer’s Society.

Both carers and people living with the condition can experience multiple losses over the course of the disease. The advert shows the way in which grief shows up through the symptoms experienced, the relationships it touches, and where parts of a person’s self can be taken away as the condition progresses.

The advert shows an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Adviser supporting the family throughout their journey, and flashes of other Alzheimer’s Society colleagues at the end. This is a representation of our commitment to be there again and again and again at every part of the struggle.

Everyone’s dementia story is unique

The advert was co-produced with people directly affected by dementia. We sought the views of those living through it, and the script was written by someone drawing on her own experience, having lost her dad to the disease two years ago.  

We adapted the idea based on the insights of the hundreds of people we consulted, but we recognise everyone’s story is unique.

A single advert cannot convey everyone’s experience of dementia, but we hope to show those living through it, that they are not alone and that Alzheimer’s Society are there at every part of the struggle.

In the video below, Bill Wilson, who lost his wife Jo to dementia in early 2023, has kindly shared his story as part of this campaign - shining a light on the realities of dementia. 

The reality of dementia  

Many may find the advert upsetting. But the reality is that dementia is devastating.

There are currently 900,000 people living with dementia and it is the UK’s biggest killer. The public isn’t aware of the scale of the problem. It is the biggest health and social care crisis we face in the UK.

Nearly 80% of respondents to a recent survey weren’t aware that one in three people born in the UK today will get dementia.  

Making dementia the priority it needs to be  

Through emotive storytelling grounded in real-life experiences, we need to help the public understand that dementia is everywhere and show the devastation it causes.

We need to tackle this lack of awareness because it is predicted that nearly 1.6 million people will be living with the disease in the UK in 2040.   

Our ambition is to make dementia the priority it deserves, and needs, to be. To do this, we need to show the public how devastating dementia is. But importantly, we also need to show how Alzheimer’s Society will be there for you again, and again and again.

We support people at every step of their journey through our vital services, calling for change to make dementia a priority, and funding research, diagnosis and treatment.