Senior researchers taking leave: policies and support

Family and sick leave policy for post-docs, fellows and senior researchers. What are you entitled to as a full-time employee? Learn what additional support the Society can give you.


Researchers working in a lab

Leave and pay policy and support for post-doctoral researchers, fellowships and senior researchers

As an employee of a research institute or university, you will most likely be entitled to a period of paid leave which will be covered by your employer. Search for more specific information (Maternity, family and sick leave).  If you are planning on taking a period of leave and have already notified your HR department and line manager, if you are funded by Alzheimer's Society get in touch with the grants team so that we can work with you to support you during your period of leave.

Alzheimer's Society funded researchers have several options available

  • Abeyance:  You may request that your grant be paused for reasons such as maternity leave or staff changes with a request for abeyance form.
  • Cover: Should your research require additional members of staff to keep the momentum of the project going we will determine on a case-by-case basis whether it is appropriate to hire a research assistant for this period.
  • No-cost extension: Get in touch to apply for a no-cost extension appropriate to the period of leave.

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