Ph.D. student leave and pay policy

At Alzheimer's Society we realise that Ph.D. students are often not entitled to the same benefits from their institutions or the government as post-docs and senior researchers. So, we have made our leave and pay policy as supportive as possible for Alzheimer's Society funded Ph.D. students.

Ph.D. maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption leave

Alzheimer's Society funded Ph.D. students are entitled to up to 26 weeks of maternity leave on full stipend and a further 26 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. 

Partners are entitled to up to 10 days paid Ordinary Paternity Leave on full stipend. Partners may be entitled to up to 50 weeks of Shared Parental Leave; this could include paid and unpaid leave, depending on the individual circumstances, any paid leave should be at full stipend. 

If these costs are not fully met by the host institution then the Society will pay the difference to ensure that the student receives the level of funding outlined above. Please refer to the UK Research and Innovation Guidance for further details.

As individual circumstances will vary, eligible students should contact the Society directly to discuss this policy. The final funding arrangements will be agreed between the student, the Society and the host institution.

Ph.D. sick leave

If not covered by the host institution then Alzheimer's Society will pay sick leave for Ph.D. students for up to four months at full stipend and then four months at half stipend per annum.

These policies are currently under review to make sure we offer the most competitive support we can. 

Contact our Grants team

If you are planning on taking a period of leave please send an email to our Grants team at [email protected] so that we can help and support you during your leave.

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